10 Ways You Can Seduce A Man And Make Him Desire You

Love is a beautiful thing and marriage is incredible but you can’t have an incredible beautiful relationship or marriage if you don’t learn how to seduce a man.

Few weeks ago, I wrote an article on HOW TO SPICE UP YOUR MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP and within the article I included that one of the ways to spice your marriage up is to learn how to seduce a man or your man which is very necessary if you don’t want him to get tired of the relationship and starts looking outside.

Seducing your man both in the bed area and outside bed room.

ways you can seduce a man

Few ways you can seduce a man are;

  1. FREQUENTLY EYE CONTACT: when I was young, I used to hear guys saying to girls “look into my eyes and tell me what you see” and as small as I was, I didn’t know that there was something about eye contact until I grew up and now know that eye contact carries a lot of power which includes secret information’s that mouth may not want to expose to you.. So being shy and timid should be far from you because men do not like timid ladies. Try and stand your ground.
  2. SMILE: Smile is a beautiful thing therefore make your smile to be captivating, make it your good luck charm, because when you do, I tell you, you will not only make him to smile back at you but you will put many thought in his mind and some men do not know how to pretend so they display their thought immediately towards you. So ensure that you are ready for any outcome.
  3. DRESSING: make your dressing to be unavoidable. Now how do I mean? Let me tell you a little story from experience about this dressing of a thing. I have four friends two guys and two ladies I mingle with, one day we decided to sit out just the five of us at our usual spot at the bar, when I came In, I walked in with two of my male friends with their girlfriends and with one of our female friend so since we were not complete, we had to wait for our second female friend to join us at our spot guest what? No one care about our presence in the place nor even notice us for a long time but what marvels me was the miracle that took place when she walked into the bar. She commanded attention and smiles by just walking in, she wasn’t overdressed but the simple dress she used that day and her body where compatible. Even I as her friend, I couldn’t stop staring at her either. Just as other guys were busy buying her drinks. Now, that is the charm dressing decent and neat can do for any lady who wants to seduce a man.
  4. Make your body your master piece: If you are just trying to get his attention for the first time in public, dress decent in a way that whatever you combine to wear will be captivating to the extent that he will look and look again without being able to look away. But if he is your man already and you want to have him at home, then the trick is simple hahaha.  Get a nice and light night wear, make sure that you don’t enter the bed to lay down first, just take your shower so has to avoid having mixed smell, sit at your mirror in the room and apply whatever you want to apply to your skin slowing if he is so busy, call his attention to assist you with something note this; you are not looking for his attention because you need help but it is because that will help you have his attention if not for long but at least for a while so use this wisely   ensure that he sees you on that night wear. After you finally put on the night wear and finally apply a nice fragrance stand up and arrange yourself, you will notice that his eyes is actually scanning through your body without a word, you don’t need to be surprise but you can act surprise for him starring at you that way but the truth be told, you actually left him speechless.
  5. Don’t show desperation: No matter how desperate you might be to get a man that you crush on, don’t show him that you are desperate. Desperate women are likely to end up with a one night stand kind of guy who only took advantage of the situation he saw at that time of desperation of getting a man. Most men do not turn on for desperate women who throw themselves on men. So show him that you are different, learn how to play hard to get even if you are not hard to get because it will help you in the long run.
  6. Body contact: a slight touch on his shoulder, hands, or a friendly hug can fight a lot of battle for you inside his body on your behalf. There is how you touch someone gently with emotions even knowingly or unknowingly to you and it will just wake the monster inside of him especially if he finds you interesting.
  7. Be independent: you don’t have to be rich before you can learn how to be independent, turning down some free tips, gifts can be a start. When a man want’s to flirt with a lady, he starts with showering them with gift and when a lady wants a man to keep coming back to persuade her, she act slightly hard to get by refusing some gift or lift at first maybe give in later.
  8. Give it time before giving in: yea I know you want him too even more than he wants you but you got to do some pretends at times at first, let him keep coming to you, it will show how interested he is in you but don’t overdo the pretends so that you won’t turn him off. A man knows when a lady is acting Cinema and when she is very serious, and when you over act it, its back fires at you because he will give up trying any further.
  9. Be Normal: Be confident, don’t be carried away by just anything only because you want to seduce a man, so stand your ground, make your target your priority at that very moment. Being distracted while you are working on this mission to seduce a man is one thing you don’t need before the accomplishment of your plans.

Example of distractions:

  • Work: having a job is good and very important but you need a man by your side when you are stress up, loneliness and work cannot function together profitably unless there is a middle man.
  • Family: love your family, your parent, siblings, relatives etc. but also create time for your own self, your own happiness and your own future at least for once, have sometimes for yourself and maybe your man.

Friends: love your friends and sit out with them as you want but demand for your space when you want to get someone’s attention even at the bar.

10. Plan the Weekend Together: being with just him for the weekend without any third party, no work, nothing to divide his attention, is really what you need.

No man will leave his work, and normal schedule of life just to spend the weekend with you, therefore show him some reasons why weekend together is a good idea.

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