Ukraine Sugar Momma

Ukraine Sugar Momma Declares Her Love Openly

Ukraine Sugar Momma

Ukraine Sugar Momma Declares Her Love Openly – A sugar momma living in Ukraine has declared her love openly for any man interested in her. She is in need of a man because she recently divorced her ex and she feels she has to move on with another man immediately. “Life is short” she said! Ukraine women are no nonsense women and are always serious minded for they don’t take shit!  Dating a sugar momma from Ukraine simply entails you been ready to be into a serious relationship and never involved in any form of cheating. I am in need of a man doesn’t mean I have no choice of man. I have been into relationship with my ex since over four years now and I never cheated on him but along the line he choose to mess me up by mingling with someone else.

General information:

My name is Benita I am a single mum from Ukraine. I am not married and have never been married before. I left my sex few years ago and I regret having a kid from him though I love my kid so much. My mum is alive and working as a staff at Walmart in United States. I am left alone with my kid here in Ukraine.  I am interested in a man to take care of me and my kids and as well show us love and care because that’s what we need now. Life hasn’t been easy for me taking care of this kid and I am not all that financial buoyant but I try to manage the little I have. I feel with the help of a man I will be able to ease this life stress and also work out something good with him as the time goes on. I have a small hairdressing salon here in Ukraine and it has been my major source of income for years now.

Personal description:

I am average in height and love to smile a lot. I am jovial and a happy person even when stressed. I love to help those in need even at my own expense. I believe humans should learn to help each other for the world to be a better place. I am always focused on my future and like to leave the past behind. My past life has been a difficult one and deserves to be left behind for me to forge ahead. I am working towards starting up a bigger investment here in Ukraine that’s why I really need a man.


I lost my last relationship due to unfaithfulness from the part of my ex. I am a soft heartened woman and won’t like to experience a heart break for the second time. I need a man who is honest and self-disciplined. Who is willing to be with me alone and make me feel like a woman that I am. A man who is willing to take my kid as his first kid. He must be single without a kid elsewhere because I won’t like to take someone’s else happiness away from her.

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  1. Your Commentmy name is Mr babasome,29 years old energetic young guy’ I never be in a relationship before, I’m interested in her.

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