Things You Should Avoid After A Relationship Break Up

Things You Should Avoid After A Relationship Break Up – A relationship break up isnt the end of the world and there are few things you should avoid after a relationship break up. Such situations can be very severe and depressing and if not properly managed, it can end up getting worse. Everyone feels bad when they lose a precious relationship but how you manage the situation to get back on your feet matters a lot.

If you are reading this now, I can clearly assume you are seeking for a better life after a break up and you want to handle the situation properly. its not all about reading and understanding what to do, its all about practicing and taking action with all you learnt here.

Things You Should Avoid After A Relationship Break Up

Here are a few important things you should be willing to have in mind as you start your fresh quest for love after going through a successful breakup:

  • Searching for The Same Person to Date All Over Again

This is a common mistake most people make after break up. This situation and activity is triggered by the love and affection you had for your ex and the feeling that you cant do without them so you are simply looking for a perfect match, replica and replacement for them. But the question here is “Is your Ex the best person for you in the world ? ” You cant tell how great and loving other people are if you don’t get close to them. You need to do away with that feeling of been unable to do away with your ex, and one of the best ways of achieving this, is by hanging out with other people and trying to explore different kinds of people.

If it feels like you are always coming across people with the same characteristics as your ex, maybe you should change the location you meet this people. If you are fund of meeting new people at the cinema, you can try the cafe, restaurant or parties.

  • Dating Your Ex’s Friends to Seek Revenge

This is a common practice among the guys and it is a bad practice. You might be tempted to date your friends ex just to show your ex that you are a better person or to make them jealous, but this isn’t right. Taking your ex friends on a date to seek revenge on your ex can lead to something worse than you imagine. You wouldn’t like someone moving around telling people negative things about you or how childish you treated the relationship break up. This can lead to people thinking bad about you on how you handle relationships and you might find it difficult to go into a relationship with a new person.

  • Getting Back into a Fresh Serious Relationship

This is the next common thought of anyone coming out from a relationship. That feeling of how you should get into another relationship immediately in other to wave the thoughts of your previous relationship must set in. In as much as everyone needs to be happy, this isn’t the right decision to take immediately after a break up. It is best you give yourself sometime to reflect on your previous relationship and also to work on yourself.

You can start dating again after a breakup without going straight into another relationship. However, dating around while you’re newly single is the right thing you need to lift your relationship spirits. The old adage that says that there are plenty of fish in the sea can be true after all.

Dont let the old relationship way you down from getting a new one. After few weeks or months, you can get back into the dating world and try to see if been single or dating is the best for your personality.

  • Cutting Yourself Off from Your Social Life

You might find interest in cutting yourself from social media because of your relationship break up. You wouldn’t want friends and families to keep seeing you and asking questions about your ex. Feelings of severe depression and sadness is very common among people who are going through breakup, and they may end up isolating themselves from their families and friends.

On the other side, staying off social media might become a terrible way of handling a break up on the long run. If you are constantly alone without socializing can easily trigger the memories of your previous relationship. You may find out that once you get back into a normal social circle again, you will have maintained your breakup enough to get back into fresh dating.

  • Going Back into a fresh Dating Scene When You Aren’t Ready 

Going back into a fresh dating scene without been ready can becoming a roller coaster of the same thing. We all handle different matters in different ways and in different pace. Do not let the advice you got from anyone lead you into a fresh relationship or dating in a hurry.

Understanding yourself better and knowing what you want from a relationship can take a while especially when you spent years and so much time in your previous relationship, but its best you give yourself sometime, reflect on the errors of your previous relationship, then walk into a new relationship with enough experience.

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