Sugar Mummy Living in Bulawayo Zimbabwe needs a young and Vibrant Man

Zimbabwe Sugar Mummy Needs an Energetic Man from Africa – A self-motivated and passionate dark skin sugar mummy in Zimbabwe is interested in making love to a black man from Africa.

Sugar Mummy

This sugar mummy is from Bulawayo which is a small state in Zimbabwe with few married women due to the increase in the amount of unserious men in the state. Zimbabwe men are believed to be interested in women from outside Zimbabwe and do not rely on their women. This left their women with no choice other than to sick for sugar boys and men around. Ready to satisfy them.

General information:

My name is vimbai, I am a proud Zimbabwe national currently based in Zimbabwe. I am a single mum with two kids from my unserious ex who left me for another woman. I am very happy I wasn’t depended on him financially so I am able to take good care of my kids with my little establishment when my ex left us. It has been 8 years since he left us for a foreign national and since then he is yet to call or ask for his children and I am willing to file an official divorce if I find a suitable man to take his place.

Personal description:

I am a good looking woman with a charming smile. I am friendly and a good listener. I am a motivational speaker and love to motivate young women to work hard and never rely on a man for everything. I love neatness so I take good care of my skin and environment when I am less busy. I also find time to spend with my kids, take them to go see movies and also play with them a lot. They love me so much.


I am interested in a man who is intelligent and self-established person. Who has a job he is already into and we like to start a family life with me. I don’t need a play boy and will never accept them. My hubby must be loyal, lovely and hardworking. He must be ready to be the bread winner of this little family and also have a commanding tone and spirit.


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