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A Sugar Mummy in Pretoria living and working full time in South Africa is currently available for a date with a man from any part of the world. She is ready to do anything within her reach to bring this man to herself for a comfortable living. She is good looking with a good heart and also a good listener. She is 40-year-old and a widow with two kids, so she is free and she is willing to date. Her sole aim is to nurture her kids in the fear of God while she keeps working towards getting a better feel of what love means from a caring, hardworking and supportive man, who can also embed the good qualities of life on her kids.

Sugar mummy in pretoria south africa

General information:

I’m a beautiful widow with two kids who are still growing up and would hopefully become a beautiful mother like me. Although no woman of my age would be proud of being a Sugar Mummy, but due to my ever ending quest for true love I have made myself available to date younger men, because I find them attractive. We would just date and gain from each other. I am very attracted to my work and business and I make sure I have enough income for myself and close family. I like travelling to places, I have been to Florida, Delaware, Michigan, New York and Kentucky USA and still hold a 9-years Valid Visa.

Physical Appearance:

My height is about 5.2ft, my hair is pretty long and dark and my front endowment is a killer for men especially those that love size DDD. I am light skin. I believe my color tone is very good for any kind of race. My dressing is modern, i love being clean. I enjoy driving myself to work and to other places but if my man is able to drive, then no problem.

I need a mature God fearing and loving man. A person who love family and a hard worker. A man that knows how to get new ideas to make things work fine is a pick for me. He could help me out in my business place but i should be able to build enough trust in him. Not a man whose ways will be scaring me, who can’t even be romantic and obey my instructions. My man can also live in any place of his choice but will be coming around whenever i need him to satisfy me.

Sugar Mummy in Pretoria South Africa Available

Second sugar mummy in Pretoria

china sugar mummy

Hello my name is Sheila I am a good looking South Africa seeking for love. I need a young man to drive me wild. I am done with my university level and I feel this is the right time to explore the good things of the world before getting married. If you are interested in having a hook up with me do reach with me using the comment section.  I will be interested in having a date with a man from any African or European country and I don’t like long distance relationship please. You must be willing to meet with me when I need you

Third sugar mummy in Pretoria

algeria sugar mummy

Hello my name is stella. I came across your platform from a friend you hooked up a nice dude with. Please I will be needing mine. I need a good looking man within the age of 29-35 ready to love a beautiful lady. He must be rich and hardworking and shouldn’t rely on me for financial needs. I am currently working at the bank so I am able to take good care of myself.

Fourth Sugar Mummy in Pretoria

south Africa sugar mummy from pretoria

Hey admin sugar link, my name is Katia. I am a young forex trader in South Africa.  I am In need of a handsome sugar boy ready to pull the strings of me. I need a man to fall in love with. A man with so much fun and energy and willing to be with me and make me happy at all times. I have been in different relationships but noticed the men were cheats so I ended them. Please if you have a honest man over her do let me know.

5th sugar mummy in Pretoria

south Africa sugar mummy from pretoria

Hey admin. Can I get a lover over here? I am a single lady from South Africa. I am beautiful with lots of energy and fun for any man. I need a sugar lover to hold me tight in his arms and never leave me alone. I need someone to see me as a baby and always willing to take good care of me. He should be a honest and gentle man from any part of the world. I am interested in spending on him and travelling round the world on a vacation with him. Please if you find my kind of man please let me know

To get connected to singles and Sugar Mummies online or on dating sites, follow our instructions only and do not fall prey any Sugar Mummies agent. They are mostly fraudsters who wants to take away your money. Relax and keep trying. Getting a Sugar Mummy is completely a game of interest and luck, where these women decide whom to call after picking up men’s WhatsApp numbers from our website.

Sometimes, Sugar Mummies judge their men by the way they look on their social media profile and their activities. So always work towards appearing good looking and neat. Looking smart and be ready to work equal to the task. Although Sugar Mummies have different ways of selecting their men. It is left for them to choose as we do not force them to pick any man.

If you are interested in her you can hit us up using the comment section.

6th Sugar Mummy in pretoria

south africa sugar mummy


This sugar mummy is slightly well known in Pretoria. She is rich and a woman with a good heart. She feels having a sugar boy isn’t a bad idea and every woman needs one to keep them happy. This sugar mummy is a big time spender and knows how to take good care of her sugar boy. Her ex sugar boy left her because he wanted to get married, so she is looking for the best replacement for him. If you are interested in having a sugar mummy from pretoria, south Africa. Then this is the right one for you. Kindly contact her using the comment section below.

7th Sugar Mummy in pretoria


This sugar mummy is a caring type of sugar mummy. She is not very rich but from the little she has, she knows how to have fun and make her loved ones happy. She is interested in having a sugar boy around Africa. Someone she can call her side boy and will be willing to service her when ever she needs it. If you are interested in having her, she can pay you in South African Rands if you need payment. So contact her using the comment section below.

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