4 Rich Sugar Mummy in Bahrain Needs To Spend Time With You

We received a special mail from 3 rich sugar mummy in Bahrain. We all know that Bahrain is a rich country with lots of beautiful and single rich women. Though we received some of the mails earlier we felt we should have at least more than two requests before publicizing it. We received the lucky last mail last night and we are seriously searching for men to fill the heart of this women. Please this request is only open to men looking for sugar mummy in Bahrain. If you have been connected to a sugar mummy from this platform please do not request for this women. We are strictly in search of honest men willing to love and take good care of this women. You have to be fast and please make a good request because we currently have no request for this women currently.

List of 3 Rich Sugar Mummy in Bahrain That Needs to Spend Time with a man

Here are the list of rich sugar mummy in Bahrain searching for honest men from either Dubai or any part of the world to be with:


Sugar Mummy in Bahrain

Hello my name is adela Jamila. I am a 35 years old woman from Bahrain.  I am in need of a male partner to love and marry. I need to get married because I am getting old. I have been very busy with education and business hoping that when I get to my 30s I will find the right man but currently I get only dishonest men. I need an honest man to get married to me so we can have a family and kids together.

Personal description

I am a rich woman working and living fully in Bahrain. I own a shoe company where I produce designer’s shoes for local sales and foreign exports. About my personal life, I am a quiet type of person with huge and flexible emotions. I get jealous when I see my man with other women. He needs to stay far from women I perceive as been a threat to my relationship with him. I love having my man to myself and I know I can offer him everything a woman can offer to a man. I am also willing to help him secure a job or business if he needs one.


I am in need of a handsome honest single man willing to love and marry me. If you are interested in having a fun filled relationship with a beautiful woman from Bahrain you can hit me up. Please been honest is a must. I don’t like cheats and don’t want to be cheated on.


Sugar Mummy in Bahrain

Hey SML my name is jinan enas. I am a 41years old mother of two kids. I am in search of a man who will serve as a dad for my kids. I am willing to move down to his country to be with him because I am no longer interested in living here in Bahrain. Though I am from Bahrain, I am not willing to stay here anymore without a man and I don’t like men from Bahrain. I need to experience love and care in a different atmosphere. Been in Bahrain as a single mother of two kids haven’t been easy for me despite all the riches acquired from my husband. I intend meeting a new man from any other country who is single and ready to be with me and my kids.

Personal description

I am a cool headed beautiful woman full of life. I am a very good fan of classical music and love to be with my kids most times. I own a pharmacy store in Bahrain which I inherited from my husband as compensation for my little kids. I am jovial, kind and good looking. I don’t drink nor smoke and love to have fun with people.


I am interested in finding the right man for the bread winner role in my family. I don’t mind his country. He only needs to be honest, medically stable and from the right home. Words can’t explain how much happiness I will encounter if I find the right man from here. If he isn’t financially stable, he shouldn’t worry about that because I am willing to help him achieve his goals. Just hook me up if you find one for me.


Sugar Mummy in Bahrain

Hey this is FATIMA AMIRA mailing you from Bahrain. Actually this is the second mail I will be sending to you this month and I will be happy to get your reply. Please I need a handsome sugar boy for a fun filled relationship. This relationship wouldn’t be very mutual because I have a serious man already but I still need a side sugar boy that will be having fun together with me. My sugar boy should be from Bahrain or nearby country so I can easily reach him. I will be placing him on monthly payment as much as I can afford and I don’t want him to take the relationship very serious and should be always available whenever I need him.

Personal description

I am a beautiful young lady in my late 20s. I love to have fun a lot with friends. I never grew up with my parents and learnt all I know today from the street. I believe in survival and I am willing to do anything possible just to survive. I have a kindle heart and love to help people a lot.


As I said earlier I am interested in a sugar boy willing to have fun with me. He must be from Bahrain or any close country so I can easily meet with him. He must be handsome and be less than 35 years old. He must be muscular, romantic and fun to be with. He should as well have it in mind that he will be paid regularly for his service to me.

Debora Enorm

This sugar mummy is from Bahrain but she loves spending most of her holidays in Germany. she is a chef in a top Bahrain restaurant. she is a single mother with a son and she loves her son so much. This sugar mummy loves to spend her time at the beach. she left her ex husband because of his ever ending character of treating her with no love and no care.

Now she is interested in a young handsome man who will look after her and her kids. A man willing to see her son as his son and will do everything to keep the family happy. She is willing to support her man with funds to raise a business in Bahrain.


As we said earlier only those interested in having a sugar mummy in Bahrain should contact us for them. You can contact us using the comment section below and we will be ready to link you with the right women. Pleas while making comments, also specify the name of the sugar mummy you are interested in for identification.

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