5 Rich Sugar Mummy From Sweden Searching for Men To Love Them

Hello we just got a request from rich sugar mummy from Sweden looking for men to love them. This sugar mummy are Sweden and American nationals strongly demanding for a handsome and strong man to love them. Sweden women are mostly in love with muscular men but that’s not a primary factor here.

Are you interested in dating a Sweden woman? If yes then this is the right choice for you. We received request from some rich Sweden women. So we will be giving out this women to those interested in Sweden women. Here are the mails we got from the Sweden women

List of Rich Sweden Sugar mummy searching for Men to love them

Here is the list of sugar mummy from Sweden looking for men to be with them:

Elsa Alice

Hello my name is elsa alice. I am a Sweden national leaving currently in Sweden. I am in need of a love please help me. I have been single for 6 years now and it’s really depressing. I need a man to take good care of me as a wife. I am ready to do anything for him if in return he is willing to do anything for me too. Sweden is a great place to be so if he is not from Sweden I can help him get down here.

Personal description

I am a tall woman with a beautiful smile. I know I am beautiful but I don’t understand why I am not getting the kind of man I need. I have a house and a car here in Sweden and I can take care of any family. I inherited wealth from my parents so I am willing to use that to raise up a family.


I am in need of an honest man. I don’t want cheaters. I need a life and a family so I need someone who won’t cheat on me for any reason. Just be honest and hardworking with a loving and caring heart I all I need from you. I am willing to help him financially if he needs one. But I will be more grateful if he is currently working and established too.

Maja Agnes

sugar mummy from sweden

Hello my name is agnes maja from Sweden. I am a 38years old single woman in need of a husband. I recently had a divorce with my ex-husband so I am in need of a new man to be with me. I stumbled upon your community from searches and I hope I will be able to get a man from here. I am really grateful with the work you are doing for single women around the world. Please do help me get a good man that will be willing to marry me.

Personal description

I am a good looking woman with a soft spot for kids. I have no kid currently but willing to have kids if I find a man for myself. I am living comfortable in my rented apartment here in Sweden and I am willing to accommodate my man or move down to his country if he wants me there. I don’t drink nor do smoke and I club. I am just a fan of the good life.

I am interested in a good caring man from any part of the world most especially Americans. I am willing to spend the rest of my life with him and also build a strong family bond with him. Please connect me to the right man from here.

Molly Linnea

sugar mummy from sweden

Hello finding this community is the best thing that have ever happened to me this week. I have been searching for a community like this where I can connect to a single man searching for a woman from Sweden. I really hope I get one from here. I am a single mother living in a small town in Sweden. I lost my husband few years ago and since then I haven’t been able to get the right man for my kids. Loving a man have been very difficult for me. I really want to fall in love again with a better man willing to see my kids as his. My kids need a father. I don’t want them to grow up without a dad.

Personal description

I am a good looking old woman. I am kind hearten and love to play with kids. I love to put smile on the faces of those around me and always willing to help out the way I can. I am working for an automobile company in Sweden as the head chef and I live in my own house.


I am interested in a man filled with the spirit of been the bread winner of the family. He should be hardworking and stable. He should be willing to move down to my location immediately I accept him. Please help me find the right person and I will be very grateful. I am expecting a reply from you soon.

Ellen Saga

sugar mummy from sweden

Hello my name is ellen saga from united states but based in Sweden. I have been in Sweden for 8 years now and I am willing to move back to America soon. I am searching for a lover from Sweden or America who will like to be with me and shower me with love. Finding the right person have been very difficult for me. in the quest of finding the right person, I have come across a lot of men and some of which are cheaters and some hot tempered. I just need a cool honest man

Personal description

I am very beautiful with a good voice. I have a nice curve and a good voice for singing. I love to sing and also play games. I am also a fan of football and other sports like hockey. I have a fashion store in Sweden but will be moving them to united state soon. Please help me get a man.


I am interested in having the best man I can hold. A man from a good home who is single and searching for a woman like me. I don’t want time wasters or money spenders. I just need a king for the queen.

Leah Felicia

sugar mummy from sweden

Hey admin, my name is Leah Felicia. I am 30 years old young, pretty and agile lady searching for a fun filled boy or man to take as my sugar boy. I am rich and ready to have fun no matter the cost. I am a musician in Sweden and I need a man to toil around with. Please I will be needing a muscular man who is well educated, funny and fun filled. I don’t need a boring person in my life please.

Personal Description

I am a fun filled woman living her best life in Sweden. I am a musician like I said earlier and I am also a business woman. I love to party, have fun in beaches, travel round the world to beautiful places, take risk and spend my money. Hope my hobby will be ready for that? He should because he will be my right hand man and must go with me where ever I need him to.


I am interested in a man that is muscular, handsome and fun filled. I need the best of men. He must be peace loving and quiet and must be very educated. I will love to have a video call with him before accepting him and will need him to come from any part of the world. I don’t mind. He should be honest, strong and must be ready to please me at all times. If you find any man interested in me please let me know


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