Sugar Mummies in Nairobi Kenya Online Now

Sugar Mummies in Nairobi Kenya Online Now –  sugar mummies based in Nairobi is seriously seeking for a young and energetic man to make her partner. Kenya is known to be saturated with lots of beautiful and hot women and Nairobi is its heart. This sugar mummy from Nairobi works in one of the most common new generation bank in Nairobi and she is willing to get her man a job in Nairobi if he is jobless.

General information:

My name is mercy. I am from Nairobi Kenya but currently residing in nakuru. I am born into a humble family. My dad is a soldier while my mum works for the foreign exchange company. I have a strong academic background. In fact I have a master degree in chartered accounting. I work 7-4 daily and I am usually free during the weekends. I have a kid with my ex and I am totally in charge of her affairs. She is currently studying law at one of the state universities and I really pray she becomes someone great in future.

Personal information:

I am a tall dark looking woman with a nice curvy body. You know how Kenya women look lol!  I am cool and also friendly with people at times. I love been truthful and honest with myself. I love to travel to places and have been to places like Dubai, china and Canada. During my free time, I read books, watch movies or stay with my daughter. I love her so much.

Interest in a man:

I need a home keeper and not just a man. I need someone responsible and well educated. Someone with good experience and who is willing to be with me at all times. I want to start a new and amazing life. My ex left me with lots of sad memories and I feel bad about it. I wish I can get someone to wipe away my tears. This man must be honest, never double date, caring, loving and lastly must be hardworking. That’s what makes a man and that’s what a man should be to a woman. I really want to see the king in him.


Well for privacy reasons I won’t be able to drop my email but I promised to check using the comment section. Please leave behind your cell phone numbers.

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