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I Love Visiting This Sugar Baby App – Melina

Sugar Baby App

A sugar baby from Italy contacted us about our Sugar Baby App that she is in love with it. She has been able to get her dream sugar daddy from here and she is willing to introduce our app to her friends. This sugar baby is from Italy and she is a student at the international school of Milan. She got hooked to her sugar daddy who happens to be a business man in Italy and also has several businesses in Dubai as well.

Here is the mail we received from Melina

Hey sml I am very happy contacting you today. I am very happy you were able to get me connected to a rich sugar daddy in Italy here. He is such a lovely and caring man and has been taking good care of me financially. Since I met him, I have been happy with myself. He knows how to treat a woman right and also very romantic. I really wish I met him earlier than now. He is such a lovely man. I will be travelling to Dubai to be with him soon and he has promised to get me a car ones I arrived Dubai. I am really happy right now.   I have a lot of friends that will be interested in hooking up with a sugar daddy and I will be linking them to this sugar baby app. Thanks for making me happy again sml. Will be happy to hear from you.

That’s all she has to say. From her words you can really see that she is having a nice time with her sugar daddy and they will be living together soon as she claims she will be leaving for Dubai soon. This sugar daddy has also promised to get her a car which is so amazing. I am sure you will be happy and willing to get linked to such sugar daddy.

I Love Visiting This Sugar Baby App – Melina

If you want to get connected to a sugar daddy or sugar mummy online, please follow our laid down rules and you will be connected in a short period of time.

Please understand that sugar mummy, sugar daddy and sugar baby connections are free and you are not expected to pay us or any one for this.

Please disregard anyone requesting for money from you to get you connected to any sugar mummy or daddy or serving as an agent as you are likely going to lose your hard earned money.

Please represent yourself properly in the comment section as this is the only criteria for you to be attracted to your choice of man or woman

Do not forget to leave your phone number behind with your country code for easy communication

Please clean up your social media handle as this is the first place anyone will visit to check up on you

When contacted, please represent yourself very well and don’t be in a hurry to ask for money from your match

Follow this laid down rules and we are very sure you will find your dream match


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  2. Enoch Adjonyoh

    I am Enoch from Ghana and I am 25yrs of age. I am a senior High school graduate and I work as a real Estate agent in Accra Ghana. I have a good sense of humor and have a humble heart and very honest when it comes to trust. I am very hardworking and determined person when it comes to seriousness but I do joke at my leisure time and love having fun with friends and family. As at this my age being 25yrs, I have an interest of having a well endowed woman of any age that we will be happy with our relationship. One may ask why do I need a sugar mummy or an older woman? And the answer is that, single but financially independent women are not hard on each other’s pocket meaning, I don’t need financial help only but someone that will love me to the extent that I can give her my love and the rust that I also have and mostly, I do like older women to be in relationship with due to their past experience and maturity. I believe I will get someone that whenever we look into each other’s eyes, we will give a romantic smile to each other and hold our arms together. I will also love to share what I use my leisure time for and it’s, playing games, completing assignments, learning programming, chatting with friends and exercising my body to be physically strong. In addition, I am physically strong and mentally strong and that’s to say that I am very energetic in bed and in office and love romancing a lot because I am very sensitive person when it comes to love making. These are also some of my characteristics and personalities too as follows; I love hardworking , very punctual at work, having a good heart when it comes to dealing with Clients both Overseas and in my country, I have a good heart, very humble and loyal, funny, entertaining, comedian, love listing and dancing to favorites musics and respectful, very intelligent and smart and I don’t joke with work. I also knows how to save funds, don’t smoke and don’t drink and very trustworthy. I don’t take monthly salary but I earn money base on commission or in percentage when my deals are successful and I have a good skills and I make good money as well as experience in my work of which I can work in any other part of the world. There is more to add but I will be looking forward to the woman that will treat me like a king as well as I will also treat her like a queen to be and to have fun with by making her more happy with and I will agree with her terms but not conditions. In fact, I really, really need a truest sugar mummy or babe to be with and she will never forget meeting a person like me with a good personality. I will leave my WhatsApp number under here and any sugar mummy interested in me can contact me for more information and my pictures. WhatsApp Number; +233266519527 / +233242449571. Thanks ❤️🤞😍

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