Steps To Attract A Man To Like You

Finding a good man is not that hard but it is very hard when you yourself don’t know or have idea on the things you have or on what you can do to get what you want nor attract a man.

Before you start looking for a man, try and discover who you are and your worth so that you will know where and how to start. You won’t just sleep and wake up and then get a man. There are things you must put in place and some are as follows;

1. Have Fun: men like women who are free spirit, have fun when you step out, enjoy the moment in any place or where you find yourself, do the things that interest you if its drinks, drink but with caution, if its dance, my dear enjoy it, be social and welcoming try and reflect your inner glow, but while having fun, try being a lady especially in the public but in the house, is not advisable at all times.

If being a lady in the house is not advisable then what is? “A FREAK”.. Yes, be a freak to your man at home, show him that you want him even badly, don’t let him to always be the one to initiate the first move before you follow.

Just sit down one day like, enter the shower and refreshing up but on whatever you want to, go for him. Yeah he is your man not your room mate so act as if he is one.

Freaks don’t feel shame or shy when they want to act, so if you want to attract a man, drop all spirit of shyness and put on your armor and prepare for battle.

When you do this, it will come to your notice that he has always prepared and waited for the day you will raise up to win this with him.

2. Know who you are: when you know who you are, you will not be easily intimidated by another lady’s wealth or man. Be confident, don’t try being who you are not just to impress or to gets a man’s attention because a man who is responsible, will go for a lady who he knows about not the one who is claiming to be whom she is not.

3. Be productive: No man wants a woman who can’t afford little inexpensive things for herself, let a man see something in you that will at least show him that you can be even better if you have someone to show you the way.

4. Learn how to manage your mood: is not bad to be emotional but it is not always a must to displace it the way you feel just anytime you like, don’t be too serious some times, try to be playful more often, control your anger.

5. Make sure you feel good more often: it may not only be to attract a man but to feel good about yourself, be comfortable with what you do, and don’t let inferiority complex to change the way you feel about yourself.

6. Try to be better: you can’t stay the same person always therefore engage yourself on things that can improve you to be better.

7. Be interested: show him a little sign that you are interested too because this will motivate him to try harder but don’t overdo it because if you, it will only make you look easy and simple to get. Be open for anything but do not lose yourself nor your identity in the process of trying to please him.

 No matter how nervous you may be, look into the eyes of the man you desire so much directly if you can’t make a word or you are lust, just scan through his two eye ball and then keep your face down and smile. Yes, just that, smile.

8. Look good and Presentable at all times: the way you carry yourself determine how you will be a dress. Therefore choose the perfume you use, the clothes you put on, the makeup you wear to get his attention not by driving him away. Work on your personal hygiene because that’s very important too. Your personal hygiene will help you to not only look healthy but also to look younger than your age.

9. Work on your personality: in as much as your physical appearance can attract a man to you, same goes with your personality. Your personality speaks more if not everything about you to the man you are having interest on or trying to impress. Don’t be a bag of trouble in the house but act a gentle lady outside.

Try and make it balance, if you want to be a nice and gentle lady, just be but if not, just know that even if you have the man all to yourself and in the process of the relationship going on, you refused to adjust your life, then you will lose him to another lady right in front of you.

10. Learn how to flirt: seriously its not a bad thing to flirt with a guy you are secretly admiring or you are breathless about. If you love your man, flirt a lot with him, the way he makes you blush, try and be making him blushed often the same as you.

Men have hearts and needs too, try and figure out his own if you can handle it, do it without singing so that people will know about it. Make him blush and happy and check out if he will have any reasonable reasons to look at another lady outside part from you.

Let his smile be your priority, though it may be hard, but you got to try because when he sees you as his source of happiness, there is nothing else or anyone that will interest him other than you.

11. Mirroring him: this works as a charm you know why?? Mirroring your man or a man you want to get is freaky but is a sign of calling for his attention. A man who is ready to mingle will not stop at anything to ask you out on a date just to get to see if things will work out between you too or is just an ordinary mutual admiration that has no positive meaning.

12. Have a kind heart: kindness shouldn’t occur all because you want to attract a man, if you want to be kind, generalize it to every area of your life. Be kind financially if you have, in the way you talk and act with people, let there be someone who can say to him “she is a nice lady” ” I like her”, etc. That’s a recommendation in disguise and truly it will work in your favor.

13. Appreciate his effort: nothing encourages one to do good to people than being appreciated with the a little you offer. Appreciation makes one to try doing more.

So in here, it will be a weight lifting for him showing him that at least he can make you happy with the little he has. A man seeing you smiling and happy all because of him works a different kind of magic completely unknown to you.

14. Drop pride: being Ms. I know it all is a big shut down to anyone you do that, no man wants a woman who knows it all a woman who is perfect instead they prefer that woman who is ready to come and learn the part she never knew.

Be perfect or carrying yourself as one will only tell the man that you are in higher class or level than him.

Do you know that there are only about 30% of men who can still be happy at home even when their wives earn more than them? And about 70% feels embarrassed because they think that their wives will not give them the respect they deserve just because her standard is higher than his?

Now come to think of it, what will happen when you act always perfect then? It simply means that you are void of errors, and no man will want to go through that road with you in as much as they want to.

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