South African Sugar Mummy in Mzansi seeking love with a man

South African Sugar Mummy in Mzansi seeking love with a man – A South African sugar mummy is urgently seeking love and care from a man she will always desire. This South African lady is a popular actress in South Africa and she urgently needs a man to spend her money with. Are you willing or have the characteristics needed to date her? Then this is the right woman for you. Just leave a comment in the comment section. Most young men have worked hard in achieving or dating a woman from South Africa and have been unfruitful over the years. The right opportunity is knocking on your door now so seize this opportunity wisely.

General information (in her words):

Hello my name is nzazi and I am from the nzaki family here in mzansi South Africa. I am the chief coordinator and owner of one of the biggest movie production company in South Africa. I work 7- 8 and have no spare time. I am always busy and when I am not at work, I enjoy travelling and meeting new and impacting people. I also move from schools to schools sensitizing the young ones on the impact of corruption in our society and also to bring them up in the right way.

Personal Description:

I am a very hardworking and beautiful lady with a good sense of humor. I am dark in completion and spend good time taking care of my body as well. I am a mother of 3 children but all are grown-ups and are working at different firms. I lost my husband long time ago and have been the only one taking good care of them. I am happy I have been able to make them who they are today.


I am interested in a man willing to looking into my eyes and take away the pain and tears in me. A man who will understand the kind of woman I am, my flaws and will be able to accept me for who I am. I am simply working hard to be the best I can and I will always do my best. He must be a selfless and hardworking man from a good and reliable background.

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