Most Single & Dating Men Cannot Answer Above 50% of this question QUIZ!

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    What Should You Buy for Your Girlfriend To Show her You Care?

    • Nothing
    • Roses on our first date and insist on paying all the bills on a night out
    • Things she likes
    • Expensive fashion clothes and jewelries
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    How Often do You Compliment your Girlfriend?

    • No time
    • All the time
    • When ever she does something wrong
    • When ever she does something right
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    To What degree Do You Agree With The Statement: Girls Want To Hook Up Just As Much As The Boys

    • Completely agree
    • Depends on the woman
    • I disagree! Women are noble creatures and do not think of such things
    • Only Old Women dont like hooking up
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    How much attention do you give to other people when you are with your girlfriend?

    • Some attention. But my attention needs to be on my girl most times
    • No attention
    • Most of my attention
    • I will give other people more attention than my girl
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    Will you ever let your girl lead ?

    • No
    • Yes
    • I will suggest my opinion and will always respect her opinion too
    • I will always let the lady lead
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    Should You Let It Be Known That You Need A Woman In Your Life?

    • I will always remind the lady how much i need her in my life
    • No! i will never do such
    • We should need each other
    • I will only drop her hints on how much i need her
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    How much are you dedicated to your self-Improvement?

    • Fully dedicated
    • Not dedicated
    • My life doesn’t need improvement
    • I am more dedicated to my relationship with my girl
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    How do you handle a woman’s drama?

    • Walk out on her issues
    • Feel the seriousness in the situation and let her know you care about the situation
    • walk her out anytime she starts her drama
    • Laugh and act like you dont care
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    How do You react when A Girl says that she’s Interested in other Men?

    • Proof to her that you are better than other men
    • Let her go
    • Laugh at her decision
    • Have a conversation with her
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    What type of compliment do you give A woman?

    • Compliment her beauty
    • Compliment things she does well
    • Compliment her personality
    • Complement her independent nature
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    What should you carry along on your first date?

    • Nothing
    • Roses
    • A protection
    • A handmade card
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    Do you trust your own instincts, Or your girl’s?

    • Make it a join decision
    • Hers
    • Mines
    • Hers for girls stuff and mine for men stuff
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    How picky a person are you?

    • I am not afraid to try new things
    • Very picky
    • Somewhat
    • I am fine with other peoples decision
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    How do you intend handling a woman’s bad moods?

    • Just nod and tease her
    • Keep a serious face
    • Ask what she needs
    • Apologize to her and offer to help her do anything to make her happy
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    What Is the best way to stop or calm a nagging woman?

    • Dont give her a reason to nag
    • Do what she says
    • Have a strong direction in life and focus on it
    • Do your share
    • How Much Should You Segregate Yourself From Other Women While Dating A Girl?
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    How much will you segregate yourself from other girls when dating a girl?

    • Avoid creating intimate relationships with other women
    • Somewhat
    • Completely
    • You should be meeting other people
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    How much of your money will you give your woman access to ?

    • I would give her an allowance
    • I wont give her my money
    • I will run a joint account with her
    • I will give her access to all my bank account
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    Do you agree with this statement: Women are turned on when men get nervous around them

    • Completely disagree
    • Not all women
    • Completely agree
    • They think its cute
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    How Important Is “Being A Gentleman?”

    • It is very important
    • Not important
    • I dont care about been a gentle man
    • i dont do it because she might dump me
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    When should you tell your girl you love her, before or after you Sleep with her?

    • Before
    • After
    • Anytime it feels right
    • As soon as you lay your eyes on her
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    Are women more interested In men that show little to No Interest In them, Or guys who try hard to impress them?

    • Guys that try to impress them
    • Guys that show little or no interest
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    Will You Let your girl choose the topic for conversations?

    • Yes! Thats a must
    • I dictate the topic in any conversation
    • yes! my role is to listen
    • We both can
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    How will you react If you go in to kiss her and got Rejected?

    • Get motivated
    • Take it cool and apologize like a gentle man
    • Leave her and walk out on her
    • Cut all contact with her

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