Most Single & Dating Men Cannot Answer Above 50% of this question QUIZ!

Do you think you know much about beautiful women?  Have you ever wondered the type of guy every woman likes to meet? Do you really think girls like nice guys? Or do they prefer jerks. That’s a question most people have been trying to answer for a very long time, and the jury is still out on the answer.

Most times it’s hard to explain how girls really see you. Over here, we can’t read inside their minds after all, but we have the best solution to help you find out more about them. If they see you as a jerk or a nice guy! The only way to find out is through the result from this short quiz. Take this quiz, and tell us what you would do in these situations, and we’ll tell you how women really see you…

  • Question of

    What Should You Buy for Your Girlfriend To Show her You Care?

    • Nothing
    • Roses on our first date and insist on paying all the bills on a night out
    • Things she likes
    • Expensive fashion clothes and jewelries
  • Question of

    How Often do You Compliment your Girlfriend?

    • No time
    • All the time
    • When ever she does something wrong
    • When ever she does something right
  • Question of

    To What degree Do You Agree With The Statement: Girls Want To Hook Up Just As Much As The Boys

    • Completely agree
    • Depends on the woman
    • I disagree! Women are noble creatures and do not think of such things
    • Only Old Women dont like hooking up
  • Question of

    How much attention do you give to other people when you are with your girlfriend?

    • Some attention. But my attention needs to be on my girl most times
    • No attention
    • Most of my attention
    • I will give other people more attention than my girl
  • Question of

    Will you ever let your girl lead ?

    • No
    • Yes
    • I will suggest my opinion and will always respect her opinion too
    • I will always let the lady lead
  • Question of

    Should You Let It Be Known That You Need A Woman In Your Life?

    • I will always remind the lady how much i need her in my life
    • No! i will never do such
    • We should need each other
    • I will only drop her hints on how much i need her
  • Question of

    How much are you dedicated to your self-Improvement?

    • Fully dedicated
    • Not dedicated
    • My life doesn’t need improvement
    • I am more dedicated to my relationship with my girl
  • Question of

    How do you handle a woman’s drama?

    • Walk out on her issues
    • Feel the seriousness in the situation and let her know you care about the situation
    • walk her out anytime she starts her drama
    • Laugh and act like you dont care
  • Question of

    How do You react when A Girl says that she’s Interested in other Men?

    • Proof to her that you are better than other men
    • Let her go
    • Laugh at her decision
    • Have a conversation with her
  • Question of

    What type of compliment do you give A woman?

    • Compliment her beauty
    • Compliment things she does well
    • Compliment her personality
    • Complement her independent nature
  • Question of

    What should you carry along on your first date?

    • Nothing
    • Roses
    • A protection
    • A handmade card
  • Question of

    Do you trust your own instincts, Or your girl’s?

    • Make it a join decision
    • Hers
    • Mines
    • Hers for girls stuff and mine for men stuff
  • Question of

    How picky a person are you?

    • I am not afraid to try new things
    • Very picky
    • Somewhat
    • I am fine with other peoples decision
  • Question of

    How do you intend handling a woman’s bad moods?

    • Just nod and tease her
    • Keep a serious face
    • Ask what she needs
    • Apologize to her and offer to help her do anything to make her happy
  • Question of

    What Is the best way to stop or calm a nagging woman?

    • Dont give her a reason to nag
    • Do what she says
    • Have a strong direction in life and focus on it
    • Do your share
    • How Much Should You Segregate Yourself From Other Women While Dating A Girl?
  • Question of

    How much will you segregate yourself from other girls when dating a girl?

    • Avoid creating intimate relationships with other women
    • Somewhat
    • Completely
    • You should be meeting other people
  • Question of

    How much of your money will you give your woman access to ?

    • I would give her an allowance
    • I wont give her my money
    • I will run a joint account with her
    • I will give her access to all my bank account
  • Question of

    Do you agree with this statement: Women are turned on when men get nervous around them

    • Completely disagree
    • Not all women
    • Completely agree
    • They think its cute
  • Question of

    How Important Is “Being A Gentleman?”

    • It is very important
    • Not important
    • I dont care about been a gentle man
    • i dont do it because she might dump me
  • Question of

    When should you tell your girl you love her, before or after you Sleep with her?

    • Before
    • After
    • Anytime it feels right
    • As soon as you lay your eyes on her
  • Question of

    Are women more interested In men that show little to No Interest In them, Or guys who try hard to impress them?

    • Guys that try to impress them
    • Guys that show little or no interest
  • Question of

    Will You Let your girl choose the topic for conversations?

    • Yes! Thats a must
    • I dictate the topic in any conversation
    • yes! my role is to listen
    • We both can
  • Question of

    How will you react If you go in to kiss her and got Rejected?

    • Get motivated
    • Take it cool and apologize like a gentle man
    • Leave her and walk out on her
    • Cut all contact with her

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