Signs That He Wants to Marry You

Signs That He Wants to Marry You – It shouldn’t come has as a surprise that the way men see relationship is different from the way women do. Before a man wants to marry you, there are so many things he will observe about you both in close doors and in a distance place.

Marriage is something you shouldn’t rush into or wish for just yet if you are not sure of the person.

Marriage has to do with lots of responsibility and commitment therefore the men that do understand this, normally take their time to search and choose who they want to spend their life with to avoid errors and regrets in the future.

But at times it’s not so with ladies, most ladies are moved by what they see and also by what they want in life. When your wants increase more than what you can offer as a lady, you are likely to end up with the wrong partner because you couldn’t read the sign nor the hand writing on the wall.

Note this, there is one deep secret about men that if you don’t understand, you will lose it. And that is signs that he wants to marry you or that he is not serious with you at all, just that he enjoys having you around but he is not ready for commitment.

Once you get to understand these signals, it will be easy for you as a lady to know when a man is seriously ready to commit.

Below are few signs that he wants to marry you;

1. Introduction: He loves me so much, he said he cannot do without me in his life, I really don’t know any of his friends all through the years we have been together nor where he is working etc.

No matter how a man may be secretive, he can’t be so secretive that after all these years, he still can’t show you to his friends or a sibling that he is so close with if he is ready to be committed to you.

Therefore, a man who wants to marry will stop at nothing to introduce you to his friends first and foremost before introducing you to his family even has not my wife to be but as my friend.

2. He attend important functions with you: no man will just invite any girl to their company dinner party with his boss knowing very well that his boss will want to know about the girl beside him. He takes you to their secret hang out with his friends, family dinner, etc.

So if he invites you to these important function to go as his plus one, it means he is serious with you and will one day wants to marry you.

3. He makes plans with you: Men can be so secretive when it comes to their future plans. You know why? It is because they don’t trust girlfriend materials kind of ladies who will only stay with them because they see that the future is bright. So they only share these plans with a lady that they are sure of that she is qualify to the level of a home planner.

You may not know it, but the fact is that, he shares this with you because he wants to marry you and by wanting to marry you, he now realized that he can’t keep you in the dark anymore thereby bringing these plans up during conversation so that you both can plan the future together.

So when he does this, don’t suggest as if you are suggesting for a friend but if it has to do with your future too. There is one thing that men normally do when they initiate this conversation in the first place and that “testing your IQ” to see if you have plans for the future as well.

4. Pretends: when a man is serious with you and maybe wants to marry you if not now maybe so times in the future, he will not pretend not to know you when you both are in public.

When he loves you and is serious, before passing by somehow, he must make sure that you notice him, then once he finally succeed in making you to notice him, he will now smile at you or eye you before be walks pass just to make you blush.

5. You are his priority: men don’t joke with whatever that will keep or that is keeping food for them on their table thereby making it becomes their second gods but when a man even in his busy schedule takes out time to be with you, value it because it means you are part of his priority and your happiness means more to him.

How do you decode when you finally becomes his priority

1. He is always available anytime you want him.

2. He is not full of excuses just to be alone.

3. He calls you frequently than before.

4. He text you with short love messages often just to remind you how much he loves you.

5. He does not make promises but instead he act. Which mean action without words.

6. He doesn’t keep secrets from you.

7. He doesn’t put his phone on silent anytime you are around etc.

signs he wants to marry you

6. He makes you to know about his earnings: A man’s earning is like a treasure that cannot be touched nor seen, but when he starts letting you know about his earnings and what and what it should be used for, it means he can trust you and also believe that you will be a good home manager.

Who is a good home manager: a good home manager is a woman who can make decisions and settle issues without the whole community or neighborhood hearing about it.

A woman who can remove money from her own purse just for the family to feed without rendering insult on the man just because of his presence status financially.

It is also a woman who can stand in for the husband both in the house that’s the children or his family and in the public.

A good home manager is a mother to all who are under her roof that includes the husband knowing well that he is her first son.

7. He can’t get enough of you: a man who isn’t so deep into you, will not always wants to be around you at almost all times while he can always get any girl at any time to hang with. He can get enough of you because he misses you than before, he just can’t stay without you and he doesn’t know how to keep it to himself so he has no choice than to reveal to you either through text message or a face to face talk.

I can’t get enough of you something gets misquote by people for example

1. He is only interested in the sexual affairs.

2. He wants to see your pants etc.

But the truth is that most times it means:

1. I can’t wait to marry you

2. I can’t wait to make you the mother to my unborn kids.

3. I can’t wait to make you my best friend

4. I can’t wait to make every day’s plans with you and also waking up with you beside me on our bed, etc.

When he tells you all these in one statement “I can’t get enough of you” don’t misquote it and don’t let anyone give me meaning, you just have to figure it out yourself.

8. He says “I can’t wait to make you my wife: this one you don’t even need a physician to tell you that he is working hard and making plans to make you his wife. And before a man says this word with you be it jokingly or serious, it means that he comfortable and free enough with you to tell you this.

Work towards it don’t act too serious with it in his presence if he said it jokingly, also respond to him jokingly or if you don’t know what to say, just smile at him but inside you, correct what needs to be corrected before the time he will finally open up and propose to you openly.

This joking word came out of him just to see your reaction when he finally wants to marry you for real. So don’t hide that blushing on your face, it will give him a sign that you would love to end up with him as well.

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