Senegal sugar mummy wants you to be her boy friend

Hello, we have a Senegal sugar mummy willing to make any handsome and loyal man her sweet boyfriend. This sugar mummy isn’t single but loves to have additional interesting affairs with young men. She is from Senegal but currently lives in France with her husband and family.

Email Received From This Senegal Sugar Mummy

Hey admin, My name is aminata, I am from Senegal but currently present in France with my husband and family. I came across your community from the web and i am writing to you to inform you about my quest for a boyfriend from this platform.

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Personal Description

I am 42 years old beautiful mother of 3 kids. I love to have fun and I am interested in having a boyfriend that will be wiling to spend time with me when I am not with my family. Having fun is in my nature and I will be spoiling my boyfriend with money, love and fun.

My previous boyfriend is married now so I need a new one who will be willing to be spend time with me alone and we will be travelling around the world and having fun together.

Highlighting my character, I am a very honest and jovial person. I love to interact with people and love to have fun. I spend enough time with my family and also with my business. I am highly business oriented and really love to be with people that are business oriented and friendly.

My best color is red and I will really love my boyfriend to pay attention to the things I like most.


I am interested in starting a new relationship with a new man as my boyfriend. This relationship wont progress further above been just a casual boyfriend. He must be readily available when ever I need him and I will ensure he is financially stable and always happy provided he keeps me happy and treats me well.


Its important you follow our rules of engagement. If you are interested in her, please leave behind a short message on why you are the best man for her. Also, attach your contact details so we can contact you when ever she is ready to discuss with you.

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