Second chance relationship advice

Second chance relationship advice – One thing about a relationship is that a relationship is like being appointed to take over a certain position in someone’s life either a temporary or permanent position while a second chance relationship is like you being given a temporary position to hold.

Now, why am I using this kind of example to explain this??? I will tell you, while you are in the relationship from the very start, you are being given a lot of tools to make it work. Tools like 1. Trust 2. Heart 3. Soul 4. Spirit 5. And body. You just have to know where to use each of this equipment for the relationship.

But in a second chance relationship, power can be taken away from you at any time, because the trust and the heart you hurt before will not just come back that easily to you nor even take you back all in. so you have to work harder for it even more than you labor at the very beginning.

Therefore if you are being lucky enough to go into a second chance relationship again, then you need to take notes of this as soon as possible.

A relationship is not only all about love because when the love fate away, but there should also be something or another aspect that can hold you two bond together.

If your relationship doesn’t have that “something” apart from love, and sex, then a second chance is not a necessity for such a relationship. There must be something that if you look at, will remind you of the memories you two shared or of the dreams you both had concerning the future and that he or she deserved a second chance in your life.

1. Forget the past and focus on the future: No man or woman is perfect therefore no one is void of error we are bound to make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that we should live careless because no one is perfect.

So if you are given a second chance or he is giving you a second chance, don’t misuse it as if is your right.

It is a Privilege and not your right. Therefore trade with caution, let the past remain in the past, and try and figure out how and where to start so that the relationship can be better than the past relationship you both had.

2. Take things slow: it will take time to heal but it will definitely heal no matter how long It will take. When a break up exists in a relationship, it means that a gap, a vacuum has been created and it takes times before that vacuum can be filled that’s If only it can be filled.

So if you have done something wrong to your partner, don’t try to rush them to take you back. If he or she has taken you back, don’t try to hurry them to love you completely or reciprocate the affection you show to him or her.

Let the love grow gradually when it’s s finally time, you will just know it without being told.

3. Learn from the past: Now he or she has accepted you back what need??? Do you still have to be the way you were, or have you seen a need to turn a new life?

These are things you should have in mind before making her love you again because there may not be a third chance if things go wrong again between you two this time around.

What am I saying here? You can only have a second chance relationship if only you show her or him that you have changed if not completely, at least that you are trying real hard to be who she wants and deserve.

4. Positive Adjustment: She deserves to be happy or is she not?? Of course, she does, for her to take you back into her life even with the risk of getting hurt again, she still took you back then she deserves a trophy.

Show her reasons to love you again wholeheartedly even with all the criticism, bits of advice, etc that she will receive from family and friends, even colleague at work, that you are a changed person who will never do anything again to hurt her emotionally, physically, mentally or otherwise.

5. Spend a lot of time together: It will be very back if immediately you got into her life again, you start the new journey by giving her excuses why you can’t make it to a dinner party or any function and also why you can’t fulfill whatever promise you made to her.

It is a turn-off, and I’m telling you this, if this is the pattern of operation in your home or relationship, then there is a high level of risk in losing your home for this.

When your partner is emotionally lonely just because you couldn’t hang around her or him then you are indirectly calling for a fire that you may not be able to quake in time to come.

How do you call for a fire in your relationship?

No day passes that a lady does not see or have a secret admirer, and if you don’t do what you suppose to do as her man, yet she does not complain or used to but later stopped then forget it because another man out there is making her blush every day, every minute unknown to you.

6. Listen: It is a second chance, all you have to do is to listen when she speaks because that’s when she will pour out her heart to you completely including her anger, pains, regrets, etc.

So listen to her while she is expressing how she feels or felt when you left. Note this: if you are a man that women are always emotional, therefore they can’t hide how they feel at times as men do, so don’t react or argue when she pours out her venom at you.


1. Apologize from your heart: It can only happen if you are not proud arrogant. When a man says “I can get any woman I want at any time” It may be true but is pride, it takes a lot for such guys to apologized to a woman except this one is hard on him.

2. Change your lifestyle: after apologizing is that all? Of course no, you have to change your lifestyle and turn it into a new life. That’s the only way you can use to have her back maybe completely.

Your lifestyle has a big role to play in your relationship, your relationship can stand because of your lifestyle and your relationship can also be destroyed still because of your lifestyle. No two ways about it.

3. Don’t make promises: making a promise that you can’t keep will only tell her one thing “He is still the same” and that’s a bad reputation. Yeah because, by the words from their mouth, you shall know them.

So making promises then you can’t keep it, is not the way forward. Therefore to avoid this, you just have to keep promises down for now and flow along until it’s time again that she can trust you.

Don’t make any promise you can’t keep, is as simple as that.

4. Explain the now and the before life: Letting her understand that life without her was a different ball game entirely that you will not like to experience again in life.

Let her know how special she is to you and how blessed you are to have her. Make her understand that you are not letting go no matter how long it will take her to forgive you that you are ready to wait.

But again, don’t use big words that you may not recall if you are asked to repeat.

5. Don’t claim right: You were wrong, even if it wasn’t your fault completely, accept the fall and admit you were wrong. It won’t take anything from you but it has the power to bring back what you had lost to you quickly.


1. If you are still feeling connected and drawn to each other then a second chance relationship is needed.

2. If you don’t feel hurt about your break up after the first day, it means you have moved on, so remain focus and leave the relationship maybe it wasn’t for you.

3. He or she changed completely

4. You just can’t stop thinking about him, etc

If you are being given a second chance in your relationship, it is a privilege, not your right, so use it wisely.

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