6 Rich Sugar Mummy in Ghana Searching for A Man To Love Them Now

We have five interested rich sugar mummy in Ghana seeking for love from any man. This sugar mummy are very rich, famous and willing to take good care of their man if they find one. Are you interested in loving and living with a rich sugar mummy located in Ghana then this is the right article to set you up to the right path.

5 Rich Sugar Mummy in Ghana Searching for a Man to Love Them Now

Here are the list of rich sugar mummy in Ghana looking for a man to be with them.

Mama Lumusi

rich sugar mummy in ghana

This rich lady is currently living her best life now in Ghana but she needs a man to keep her and treat her like a woman. She is rich and the CEO of a local cosmetic store located at the capital of Ghana. She is very friendly and lovely and likes to be with her loved ones. She is currently single with no good man to be with so she is really on the lookout for any young and handsome man willing to be with her. She has a beautiful home in Ghana so be rest assured that if you are interested in her she will be willing to move you into her home.

Zuhrah wafaa

Zuhrah is a very rich and beautiful Ghanaian queen she works as a personal adviser on transportation and media for a senator in Ghana. She is single and haven’t been in a good relationship for the past 10 years. She is willing to hook up with a new man from Ghana or any part of the world but this new man must be stable and ready to live with her in her home in Ghana. She will be going on vacation soon and she will be needing him to go with her. Zuhrah has no kids so be rest assured you will be starting a new life with her when you meet her.

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Esi Haniah

Esi is a 45 years old rich Ghana sugar mama willing to just enjoy all the beauty of life with anyone willing to be with her. This sugar mama is rich and always ready to mingle. She is not in for any serious relationship and she is just interested in having fun. She is married but doesn’t see that as barrier to her love life. Esi is cool and fun to be with. If you are interested in her simple means you are interested in having more fun. Esi owns a night club in Ghana and she is also into real estate management. If you are interested in her you can leave a good comment about her and how she can contact you if she likes you.

Morowa Serwah

Morowa serwah is a USA based Ghanaian lady living and happily touring United States and other parts of the world. This sugar mummy likes to travel and she is very rich and interested in getting a husband. She had a divorce with her previous husband but had to go with the kids so she is currently leaving in United States with her kids. She is in need of a man willing to love her and her kids and also see the kids as his kids. If you are interested in living with serwah in United States then this is the right time to catch her attention with your comment. Leave a good comment about her and why you need her then we will be contacting you right away if she is interested in you.

Esther kuukuwa

Senegal sugar mummy

Esther is a beautiful Ghanaian lady currently studying business administration in a Canadian university. She is interested in starting up a love affair with anyone ready to be with her but she is insisting that to catch her attention you must be handsome, hardworking and brilliant. She is ready to treat you right and always take good care of you if you are willing to love and cherish her like your pet. Esther loves been treated like baby and you must be ready to see to that at all times.

ghana sugar mummy


Who doesn’t like a Ghana sugar mummy? This sugar mummy is an international based sugar mummy from Ghana. she is currently in united states with her husband. She is in need of a sugar boy she will be hanging around with anytime she returns back to Ghana. she has a well furnished house in Ghana with few cars and she claims her sugar boy can be staying there for now till she returns.

So if you are interested in her, kindly contact her using the comment section below. Also indicate her name for easy identification.

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If you are interested in meeting with any of this sugar mummy kindly leave a good and attractive comment about yourself and you will be contacted.

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