29 Years Old Mary Jane From Austria Wants A New Relationship

Mary Jane, who is a 29 years old Austrian is tired of her previous relationship experience and wants to move on with a new one. She is young looking and ready to move on with a man within her age boundary. According to her, you must be between 29 to 35 years old. She is also interested in meeting with someone who will treat her like the woman she is and not like every other person.  We have been working with her to get a suitable partner for her, so we decided to make this public, so that anyone interested in hooking up with her can contact her immediately.

Are you single and searching for a woman from Austria? If yes, this is the right time to meet with a beautiful lady willing to spend the rest of her life with someone she loves. Someone who is also willing to love her and treat her the right way. Please ensure that you are single and you have no pending request with us before now.

Request she sent to our official instagram page

If relationship was a thing we could get the best at the right time, I will be the happiest person in the world and I won’t be doing this today. I have no choice but to let the world know how much I need a man in my life.

My last relationship was amazing at first until someone stepped in. This person happened to be my friend and she was willing to do everything within her power to put an end to my happy relationship. Finally, she succeeded and now I am alone and single once more. This happened few years back and currently I am moving on with my life.

I want to kick start a new relationship with someone else. I don’t mind travelling down to any country or continent of the world just to meet him. I want to be loved and I am sure that’s not much to ask for. I am been in this single state for a long time and no one seems to be seeing me. How else can I say this? I want to feel fulfilled. The world is lonely without a partner. I need a man to call my own. I want to have a family and kids just like every other women within my age. Please help me achieve this. From the reviews on your page, I am sure you can do this for me.

Physical description

I am 29 years old gentle and loving woman. I am the kind of woman not after material things. I am interested in ensuring everything works out the way they should. I don’t drink nor party with friends. I don’t keep late nights. I love to research and travel around the world. I spend my free time with kids and my family. I am currently living in my personal house with my younger sister. My best color is red and I love working on my health, mostly my skin care.


I am interested in having a man who will put a smile on my face again. The kind of man who is willing to help me forget my past relationships and see myself as a better person. Some who is ready to grow and make progress with me. I will be seeing him like a friend, brother, father and life partner. Such kind of woman is one every woman dreams of. Your nationality doesn’t matter as I am willing to move down to your country or help you move down to Austria to meet me.

How to contact her

For those interested in meeting with mary jane, please ensure that you meet with the requirements she states above. Leave a comment using the comment. Ensure you describe yourself properly and why you need her in your life. Also add this reference number #1298334 to help us identify her request.

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