Long Distance relationship tips – Save Your Relationship Now

Long Distance relationship tips – In a relationship there is no distance, therefore physical distance means nothing in a relationship if there is a means of communication and it is done frequently, then a distance relationship will have no negative effect on your relationship.

A long-distance relationship is a relationship whereby the two individuals involved are in two different geographical environments far from each other. It’s a physical distance between two persons who are in love with each other.

Though there are many things you have to look out for before you start creating a distance relationship with someone and one of them which is very important is,

Find out if the person can maintain a long-distance relationship if she happens to see one… Yeah enquiring like this, will help you not to get hurt when you finally realized that your partner is not faithful with you all because he or she can’t control her emotions thereby allowing her emotions to control her.

distance relationship tips
Distance relationship tips

Ways to make a long-distance relationship to work

1. Quality communication: Distance has little power to stop your relationship from having a future but lack of communication has the power to damage it.

Lack of communication weakens the bond shared between you and your partner when you allow it to have access.

2. Frequent Video calls: well I am an example, I have been in two different long-distance relationships but the first one didn’t work out has plans but the second did. So how did I do it?

From the first relationship, my nature of work back then was always taking all my attention that at times I will come back late at night then lie on the couch a little to rest before I can call my partner, but the next time I open my eyes, it was morning. Hahaha, I know its funny right, but seriously it was killing my partner because every day I will give one excuse to another.

But one day my partner got fed up and gave up the relationship. I couldn’t save my relationship because I was always busy that I couldn’t even make time for my relationship.

With that, I told myself it can’t be the same again, any new relationship, my partner have to be from where I am working.

Two years later, I got into another relationship with someone closer but what happen before occurred again, I was later transferred again to another location far from home, I didn’t want to go but I didn’t have a choice either because if not, I could have lost my job and I didn’t want to lose any among the two.

All I did was to read articles online on how to save my relationship, after my finding, I decided to implement whatever I learned online and video calls were one of the things I used. And it worked perfectly.

We video call anytime I was less busy at work, snap whatever I had for lunch, likewise my partner, it was as if we were staying together, the distances weren’t felt much.

So if you are going for a long-distance relationship learn from my own experience and ensure that you don’t joke with the power of video calls.

3. Create time: No matter your busy schedule, create time no matter how small it is for your partner at least let her or him observe that you have tried. It is better to try making it work than not even trying but frequently giving excuses why you don’t have time and why you can’t create one.

If someone is very important to you, you will try all that you can do in your power to ensure that you don’t lose them. The same goes for any relationship that has a future.

4. Keep living: some young people who are in a relationship do think that relationship is a do or die affair thereby inventing all their time, money, effort into it so that it will work.

Well, I wouldn’t say I am against you inventing your time and effort on your relationship to work but if you ask me, I will say this “make some time to take care and look after yourself”. At the end of time, if that relationship doesn’t work out as you planned it, you won’t get broken to the extent that is beyond repair by another man or woman.

So how do you keep living? Have fun, go out with friends, visit sites if you are a sightseeing kind of person, party with friends if you can, meet new people and make friends, flow with the moment.

If you are in a relationship and you don’t make friends just because your partner doesn’t like it but you do like it, then that relationship is not for you, and if it happens to be a long-distance relationship, I will still say that relationship is not for you because you need friends when he or she is not around for a long time to keep you company.

5. Do stuff together: when I and my partner were far apart, we communicated and did a lot of stuff together, we schedule a date and a time which we will all be on our own without any third party, once is that exact time and date, we will start our calls, most times we talk for more than two hours. We comment on things we saw on social media, and in our environment.

We talk and make fun of each other, we comment on each other physical appearance on the video… We exchange photos both good ones and the ones with funny faces, we talk about ourselves, plans, our relationship in the intimacy area, etc.

6. Kill the spirit of doubt: No matter how perfect you are or your partner is, if you still have the spirit of doubt in you and you now bring it into your relationship, it will not help but instead it will destroy your relationship.

Never go into a relationship either close or long distance if you are still dealing with the issue of trust. First of all work on yourself before you go into a relationship.

Why you should work on yourself— No relationship can function without at least 70% of trust and when you can’t offer that, you will only end up being butt especially in a long-distance relationship.

Getting hurt regularly especially if you hear a lady’s voice around the environment anytime he calls you or you call him on phone is something you wouldn’t want to experience, then why going into one.

Advantages of long distance relationship

When you are in a long distance relationship, you will get to discover a whole lot of things some of which are;

1. How strong you are both emotional and physically: Nothing interest a man like knowing that no matter how long it takes to be with you that you will remain faithful.

Therefore with long distance relationship, no guy can just come and use flashes things on your face and you fall for it while you are still in love with your partner.

So if you can control your emotional need then you can go with long distance relationship.

2. Time and Space: When you are in a long distance relationship, you will have all the space and time you want in other to set your life right. Don’t let your man or woman come back and still see you the same way he or she left.

At least let him come back and be more deeply in love with you.

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