7 Most Popular Lesbian Dating Apps For New Lovers

Most Popular Lesbian Dating Apps For New Lovers – Welcome to our detailed article where we covered some of the most popular lesbian dating apps for new lovers. Dating is a common issue in our society today. In fact, its one of the most discussed topics amongst youth across the world. The word dating most times reflects a relationship between opposite gender but that’s not the case at all times. Dating can also be between the same gender and this is mostly practiced in top European and first world countries. However, during the course of this article, we will be limiting our discussion to only dating applications that can be very useful for lesbians that are in need of new partners.

According to a recent study conducted by a popular dating website known as match.com, over 60% of LGBTQ+ singles found their partner on a social or dating platform. Additionally, research have proven that over half of all adult singles in the united states have created a dating profile and are also searching for partners online. A lot of young couples met on a social platform, started dating and later advanced into marriage. So what are you waiting for? We have been able to round up some of the best dating apps for lesbians that will help you start your journey of finding your new partner.

List of 7 Popular Lesbian Dating Apps For New Lovers

#1 LEX

The first on our list is a dating and relationship platform known as lex. Lex is a text-based application for queer, trans, two spirit, gender non-conforming and non-binary individuals. This platform is an interesting platform with lots of amazing features designed to take dating and social networking to a new level. They also have zero-tolerance to any form of creepy or discriminatory behavior of any sort. For a lesbian interested in meeting new partner, I will be recommending this application and making it top on my list.

Website: https://thisislex.app/

#2 Hashtag Open

The second on our list is known as #open. #open is social network and dating platform that was designed to encourage and accept ethical and non-monogamous people who are mainly focused on inclusivity. Open is accepting anyone no matter your relationship status, orientation or identity seem like. This platform is designed to provide a conducive environment for people to share their opinion and also be their selves. Interested in been part of this platform? Visit https://hashtagopen.com/

#3 HER

Her is a part dating application and part social media platform. This platform was designed for queer women. Her comes with some unique features that differentiates it from other platform online. It has a calendar of events, making it a welcoming place for women and non-binary individuals to find new love or queer community.

Website: weareher.com

#4 Scissr

For LGBTQ+ women interested in finding love, a fun night out with a partner or just an interesting conversation with a likeminded partner, we strongly advice you consider joining Scissr. Those who want to make a unique connection that goes beyond a just a casual hookup (although that’s an option too) can do that easily on Scissr. Interested in joining scissr ? visit https://scissr.com/

#5 Hinge

Hinge is designed in such a way that it facilitates matching of friends-of-friends. This simply means that users will be matched with the friends of other users. The essence of this is to ensure there is someone to vouch for anyone you meet on hinge. We highly recommend this application to any lesbian interested in getting a good relationship rather than just a short time or one night stand.

website: https://hinge.co/

#6 OKcupid

OkCupid is one of the top and most popular application for dating of any kind. Why we didn’t make this the top on our list is because they are not strictly designed for lesbians or same gender relationships. Nevertheless, okcupid has added more features that clearly support LGBTQ+ friendly gender identity and sexual orientation.  Dating profiles on okcupid are known to be more extensive than others, making it easier for you to get plenty in common.

#7 Tinder

Tinder is the most popular dating online application ever known. If anyone is interested in getting along with the number game, tinder is the right place due to the large number of users. Tinder allows communication and meet up between people of same or different gender and orientation while respecting their rights. Website https://tinder.com

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