5 Important Questions to Ask On Your First Date

There are certain important questions to ask on a first date which will send the right signals down to your aspiring partner. This questions are very important and they tend to form the basic structure of who you are and what you want from the aspiring relationship.

if you are reading this, I can easily assume you have already secured your first date and I am saying a big congratulations to you. Now you are preparing for this journey, deciding what you should wear, where you should go and how you should look is very important but there are more important questions that involves “getting to know yourself

Now lets assume you are already in the dating scene, here are important questions you should ask to keep your conversation with your date going for a long time:

What is your ideal day like?”

The first question you should be asking on your first date is an introductory question that can simply explain the kind of person you are in a date with. With such question, you will be exposed to their normal day to day activity, what interest them, how they spend their time and what they do with it. Are they introverted or extroverted kind of people, do they spend time watching Netflix or at the cinema, do they like to have fun and chat a lot with their social friends. These will be exposed using the simple question.

What is a hidden talent of yours?

This is another good question to keep the conversation going. Asking your date about their talent will expose you to the kind of things they do easily and find it happy and fun. Most people love to share their talent and you shouldn’t find it annoying if they say they don’t have or they haven’t discovered their talent yet. A question like this helps in developing trust between you and the date. Discussing about a talent that they find difficult to share with others is a unique way of building that trust. If your date is finding it difficult to share her talent, because he or she is shy, its better you share yours with them first to give them that relaxed feeling of sharing theirs.

Whats makes you unique ?

This is a very powerful question that not everyone can answer. Your dating partner telling you about that uniqueness simply means they want you to see reasons why they are special and also that shows they are beginning to have a substantial level of trust for you.

What’s Something You Want to Learn or Wish You Were Better At?”

Asking this question will let you know if our date is satisfied with who they are or they intend making efforts to be better than their present state. It can also give you the opportunity to advice them on the right path to take when trying to reach their goals. This will build more trust and make them see your relevance in their life.

Who Are the Special People in Your Life?”

This question is very important and will help you know the important people in their life and if they are already in a relationship with someone. Also it will expose how your date sees other people and how they can best describe their relationship with other people.

Now you know some of the important questions you should be asking in your first date. Its time to set the ball rolling. Remember you need to practice and take action. If the date didn’t go well as planned or you weren’t getting the feed back you expected, do not give up. You need to keep trying out with other people.

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