Important Dating Ideas for Fresh Guys Starting College

Dating Ideas for Fresh Guys Starting College – Dating in college can be a very interesting activity to carry out since the college environment is quite interesting and widely open to lots of individuals with different characteristics and ideas. Stepping into a fun and educative environment like that of the college is one of the best experience a freshman will like to have. You wouldn’t want to lose out in the fun that comes with this.

While education is the key thing we expect to carry out in college, having a reliable and fun filled relationship can make things more interesting.

As a fresh guy in college, you might be willing to dive into the dating activity immediately. You might already have a girl you have in mind and you are seeking every possibility to get along with her. This is the attitude of 40% of college fresh men. Because the college environment is more saturated with people of the same age, this might proof difficult for anyone to stand out from others. This shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dating goals and the moment you find out things you can do to become attractive to the girls, then you are one step closer to reaching you dating goal.

Here are a few important ideas for fresh guys starting their year at college looking for a possible start to the dating game:

Take Advantage of the Classes You Share

Sharing the same class with the girl you are interested in will give you more of an edge in getting her easily. This is because, most times you will be in the same environment and situation with her, and you get to learn more about her from a closer range.

If you happen to find yourself in a good opportunity or scene to talk to her and you don’t have any idea on what to say at that moment, feel free to spark up conversation on what is happening in class, your courses and how she feels about everyone around her. Even if you aren’t in love with your class, listen to her talk about what she finds interesting to learn more about her.

Another good scenario is walking to the class the first time everyday, probably in the morning or during the first lecture. Always send a good signal to her by greeting her if you make eye contacts. This move is best carried out after you two have gotten to know each other. Once you have spent some talking to each other though, you can take advantage of your walk to the class to let a girl know that you are interested in her. 

Try Dating Off Campus

Dating off college can be a great idea also, most people prefer dating outside their immediate environment. This can be a very nice idea as you dont need to always spend your time searching for dates only in your college. if you have a small group of friends, you can set out time with them to go check on other girls in nearby colleges. Such scenes are always fun filled and memorable. You can find someone unique and attractive from there.

Join Clubs on Campus

Joining clubs in college is another great way to set yourself of your immediate boundary and if you are the extroverted type with a lot to contribute to the club, you will get easily noticed and attracted to a lot of people. This will give you an upper edge in capturing the interest and attention of the girl you want, if you share the same club with her.

Try Going to Parties

Parties is another great place to find a date. You can have a small group of friends you attend party with. This will help you boost your moral and also help you spark up conversations with anyone you are interested in, but mind you, always ensure you dress smart, smell nice and also ensure your looks are cool before confronting any one you are interested in.

Final Tip

Trying to start up a dating relationship in college is nice but can seem tough sometimes. There are thousands of students in campus and this thought can make you feel the odds of getting a date is against you and almost impossible. But this shouldn’t way you down or discourage you from always trying. Be it the results are negative or positive, never stop trying to get to your dating goals.

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