How To Set Up An Attractive and Perfect Online Dating Profile

How To Set Up An Attractive and Perfect Online Dating Profile – The world is changing rapidly, with the introduction of social media, over 30% of the current relationships we see today started online. Now you can look out for beautiful men and women online, check out their pictures and lifestyle before you choose whether to interact with them or not. There are many applications online that makes this possible and have been in existence for some years now.

If you are thinking of starting online dating on social networks like Facebook, okcupid, hi5 etc, your first step should be setting up a perfect online profile that will attract lots of other users. Your dating profile is the first information that will speak for you and will either attract the profile visitor or will repel them. Nowadays, women are first interested in checking out the profile of those that messaged them, before giving out replies. So if you are interested in attracting more people to your dating profile, check out this below tips that will guide you on how to create an attractive online dating profile:


Your profile picture is the first thing anyone will see and should be attracted to when they check your profile. Your profile picture can make people decide to check other pictures in your profile or just walk away. So when selecting your profile picture, you should be very careful to make use of something very smart and attractive. If you have lots of pictures in your gallery, feel free to upload the beautiful ones to your profile. Your profile pictures should tell a story about yourself, your hobbies like swimming, hiking etc and other things you love to do.


Most people do not take the bio serious and end up not using them, some do not know how to construct a good bio so they prefer avoiding the bio section. Creating a bio for yourself with just few sentences can be a plus for you. Your bio gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and attracts lots of interested people. So take your time to construct a good bio about yourself. This might be pain to you but will pay off at the end of the day.


Due to the fact that most people hate to read long texts and will be scrolling across different profiles at that moment, it will be preferable and advisable to make your profile bio short and interesting. Do not spend much time constructing bios like you are writing a novel or telling people how you lost your previous relationship. Just make it short and simple.


In other to make your profile look interesting and attractive, you might be tempted to upload pictures that falsely represent who you truly are. This is wrong and you might not get away with the luck all the time. You have to be honest with your profile and only share pictures and information that rightly represents you.


Now you have a good profile picture and you are set to start making conversions. You shouldn’t wait for other people to start conversation with you first. Feel free to be the initiator of any conversation. I know this can seem awkward to say something to someone you haven’t met before, but trust me, everyone on a dating app have the same goal and are looking out to strike conversations. So, you shouldn’t be worried about been the first to initiate any conversation with someone you find interesting and if they find you worthy of their reply, they will definitely give it to you.

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