How To Remain Nice While Breaking Up With Your Partner

Breaking up with your partner might be only available solution to end that relationship. The truth is that most people do not find break up as a possible positive solution to a toxic or tiring relationship. This can be because they are so much in love with each other, but issues keep coming from nowhere or your partner keep repeating same situations that makes the relationship severe and tiring to you. So in this case, its like a roller coaster of the same thing.

If you are reading this article, I can simply assume that you intend breaking up that relationship in a nice and best way after giving it the final positive thought.

There are, however, some things to keep in mind and tips to make it easier and nicer:

Have a clear and precise reason for your action 

This is the first step towards ending any relationship. You need to be aware with a clear reason why you intend breaking up the relationship, because, your partner will definitely ask you for reasons. When dishing out your reason your need to be precise and not sugar coat words. If you are loosing interest in the relationship, and you feel the relationship has no future, just say it out. Saying words like “It is just not a good time for me right now” will only cause more harm and extend the talks. In the other hand, you don’t have to be very brutal with your words as this could hot your partner more and could make them feel you never appreciated the relationship they had with you.

Don’t Drag it Out

Is there any best time to tell your partner something that will hurt them ? I don’t think so. But here is it, you have to let them know what you are up to, but you have to make sure the environment isn’t tensed and there are no previous severe issues on ground before then as this will only hurt them more. The best way to address issues of this nature is in a lonely place, between you and your partner. There should be no distractions and there should be an easy exit for you to leave the environment immediately.

Approach the Breakup Privately and in Person

I hear most people talk about ending a relationship via text messages or email but to me, this isn’t the right approach, as it will leave your partner with the thought of distraught and unworthy of any more than a few typed out words. A face to face conversation is the best, most efficient and suitable way of putting an end to any relationship.

Own your words and never let them out

Letting your partner hear about the break up from someone else will definitely be a big mistake and will definitely send the wrong signal about you to them. Be sure that the words doesn’t get out before you end the relationship. Sometimes you might want to consult your friend or family about your decision to end the relationship but such scenarios might lead to a leak in the information unless you are fully sure of who you are consulting.

Never look weak and unsure

This is another mistake most people make when breaking up with their partner. They look weak and unsure of their decisions. They make statements like “i don’t know whats wrong with me” or “i don’t know why i am doing this”. Statements like this will send that information of you been unsure to your partner. You need to be strong and conscious of your words and decision, unless you aren’t ready to lose that relationship at the moment.

Never Use the “We Should be Friends” statement

Most people seek for friendship after putting an end to a relationship. This is wrong and shouldn’t be practiced. Friendship after a break most times do not work out. If you jump right into a new friendship after the break up, that person may try every possible means to use that friendship to “rekindle” the love.

Don’t Argue

Argument is bound to happen during break up. This is normal as a result of the feelings you guys have for each other or your partner might want to pressurize you into an argument with their words. You have to avoid this at all cost and at that moment, its best to walk out of the environment to avoid escalating issues.

Be Conscious of What you Share on Social Media

Now you have spilled it out, broken the relationship, and the relationship is finally over. This is not the right time to take to your social media profile to advertise the breakup on social platforms. This is really common among the current technology generation. In some situations, it is best to block that person or remove them from your friend and contact list to prevent them from keeping an eye on your whereabouts and connections after the breakup. Keep your privacy during this period for the benefit of both of you.

Tough situations never last, only tough people do. I understand how terrible such situation can feel like but its best to remain calm and allow nature take its course. Things will definitely fall back to normal and you will love another partner again.

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