How To Get A Girlfriend | 12 Things You Must Do When You Meet Her

How To Get A Girlfriend – Getting a girlfriend might sound very simple and easy but trust me, it’s one of the most tedious task for any young male out there. The thought and pressure of been rejected can easily take your thought out of any girl you really like. With this, it’s very difficult to get that dream girl you have been tripping for long time ago. Lol!  

Today we will be looking at how to get a girlfriend and twelve important things you must be aware of before going for your dream girl and I strongly believe after reading through this, you should be able to approach any girl you like without been scared of been rejected.

You want to know how to get a girlfriend? Follow this 12 simple steps

There are few rules you really need to abide and watch out for when working on how to get a girlfriend and these includes:

  1. Work on Your Dressing and Appearance: Your dressing is the first thing a girl looks at when you approach her. In fact girls are more aware of the guys that dress nice in a particular environment. You wouldn’t want to look like a common street thug when you are not. So it’s good you dress nice and simple when next you want to meet with a girl.
  2. Learn to smell Nice: Your smell is the next thing a girl observes after your look. Guys with good smell are more likely to attract any girl. You definitely need to work on your smell. Take your bath regularly, make use of good deodorants with nice smell. This will definitely attract the girls more and increase your chances of getting her attention.
  3. Work on your dentition: This might sound weird but it really matters a lot. No girl will like to date a guy with bad dentition or bad breath. A guy with bad dentition will definitely find it difficult to talk or smile. If you have a bad dentition, its best you see the dentist before going out to meet with a girl. Good dentition improves your confidence and also attracts the ladies.
  4. Work on your manner of approach: Your manner of approach tells more about you. When you meet a girl for the first time, its best you introduce yourself properly to her and also immediately tell her why you came to her. What attracted you to her and what you definitely need from her? This draws her mind away from any form of fear and insecurity and can also make her feel relaxed if you do this properly. If you are a shy type of person you can definitely way that off by telling her you are a shy type of person. This reduces her expectations from you and also will help you communicate with her better.
  5. Always sound friendly and soft: When talking to a girl you like for the first time, be careful of the kind of words you make use of. Girls are very observant with words and can simply spot the kind of person you are through your words. Be friendly with your words and do not appear rude and harsh as this will easily scare the girl away from you.
  6. Do not be in a hurry: Most guys sometimes make that mistake of sounding in a hurry or going straight to their intentions when they first meet a girl they really like. Trust me this is wrong and can easily make you look like a flirt to her. Getting a girls attention can really take a while and trust me if she is really your type of person then the wait worth’s it. You don’t need to be in a hurry to get her, you just need to play your cards gradually and a step at a time.
  7. Request to be her friend: Yeah! Requesting to be her friend the first time you meet her is just the right way to go. This is the starting step for the main purpose of familiarity. If she accepts the offer then she will be willing to know you more and also give you her attention whenever she sees you around and this is just what you need at that moment.
  8. Do not request for her contact at first: well! This can be very weird and it all depends on the type of girl. You can as well ignore this. But most girls wouldn’t like to give out their contact to strangers that easy. So if you are sure you are going to see her some other time then you can simply ignore requesting for her number for another day but if the possibility of you meeting her again isn’t much then you can use that as a reason to make her give you her contact or maybe give you her social media handle if she feels safe with that but do not force her.
  9. Offer to hang out with her in an open place: At this point, I am assuming she gave you her contact and you have been in contact with her for at least a week. This is the right time for you to take her out to an open environment such as coffee shops or restaurant. Where you can have one on one friendly discussion with her, get to know her and also ask about her boyfriend or ex but do not go further than that. Please do not ask intimate questions and do ask her if she needs a boyfriend and do not unleash your intentions immediately. Just keep the conversation friendly and safe the intimate questions for another day. On the eve of that day you can send her a lovely text message on how much you enjoyed the time you spent with her.
  10. Seek for a date with her in a private place: Now we are close to requesting a relationship from her. At this point, I am assuming you have carried out rule number 9 above and also kept a close and friendly communication with her for a week. You can also take her to see a movie before requesting for a date with her. Now you have to request for a date with her in a private not crowded place such as a bar close to a pool or a love garden. 
  11. Talk to her about your feelings: This is the right time to express your feelings to her after setting the environment convenient for both of you. Talk to her about your intentions and let her as well give you a reply. Mind you we as well assumed she isn’t in a relationship with someone else. Winks!!!
  12. Accept her decisions and move on: This is the most challenging aspect of all. You really need to understand and accept her decisions and also get reasons for her decision. You really don’t need to see her as an enemy because of her decisions. You need to continue been her friend and you might be lucky someday the ball will role in favor of you.



Working on how to get a girlfriend requires proper care and also going by the rules. A girl can simply be yours if she is not in a relationship and also if she has interest in you so therefore working on getting her interest is simply what you should look out for to get any girl easily.

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