How to Find out if he’s the right man for you

How to Find out if he’s the right man for you – It’s easy to think that your man is that person, but it’s hard to know for sure.  Read these tips and strategies to find out if you’re serious about him and if he’s worth it.

You must  feel like a Wonder Woman when he’s around you.  

He has to make you feel like a superhero.  You should get the feeling that you can be anyone and do anything when you are with him.  You shouldn’t be afraid of the challenges of your life because he will convince you that you are strong enough to overcome it.  He must feel that with you he can conquer and win the world.

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Make sure you feel comfortable in front of him.  

This doesn’t just mean “You’re that one person that close friends and family know. It means that he should always make you look vulnerable, whether with or without makeup, after a sweaty workout, or when you’re scared or crying.

You shouldn’t be shy around him.  

Do you feel the need to hide things around him?  If you feel you need to hide something about yourself or your life, it may not be that person.  He must love you no matter what.  And if you’re worried that he’ll leave you because of pimples on your face or your slightly hairy winter legs, he might not be one.

  • Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no conflict between the two!  No matter how much you love each other, differences of opinion and ideas will always appear.  The key is not an unconditional agreement, but a willingness to resolve conflicts in a sound and respectful way.

How often does he think about your future plans?  

Can you imagine the two of you relaxing on a distant birthday or holiday?  Do you fantasize about an apartment, a house, a pet, or the kids you might have together someday?

How should your man make you feel?

  • Just like you don’t have to hide your grooming routine, he’ll love you whether you pluck or shave or not.  One sign that your man might be The One is that he doesn’t mind your leg with a stump or face with pimples.  Those little things wouldn’t matter to him. 
  • You should feel almost invincible.  Just like you can conquer the world because of the confidence he inspires in you .   It’s not that he gives you confidence, it’s that he has confidence in you that helps you believe in yourself too.  What matters in your life is a partner who supports you, cheers you on and advocates for you.  
  • He makes you feel free to be yourself, even in the most vulnerable moments of your life.
  • You should always feel that you can be with the person you love.  That means when you need his help, when you’re sick, when you look ugly or beautiful or in those painful moments when you need help the most. 
  • Above all, your partner should make sure you feel supported and loved.  And if you find yourself thinking about the future with him, from your first home together and maybe even having kids, he might be the right person for you.  

Make sure he doesn’t pressure you to get intimate with you before you’re ready.

A person who wants to enjoy your body before your heart is willing to have your needs in mind is not the right man.  The reverse is also true.  If you are not willing to wait until she is ready, he may need to re-evaluate his level of commitment to you.  If he can’t get over his own desires when it comes to

sex or both, it may be difficult to put someone else’s needs ahead of  his own when deciding or starting a family.

  • Keep the balance in mind.  

Neither should you neglect the needs of the other.  That means that in addition to taking care of his needs, he also needs to make sure he takes care of your needs as well!

Notice whether he is in control.  

If he often tells you what to do, tries to run your life, or manipulates your emotions to get what he wants, be careful!  This man is not safe and he feels he has the upper hand in your relationship.  “Choose the one” that you are safe with and you will be your own figure.

Notice whether he protects you from his friends.  

If he refuses to include you in his social plan and doesn’t tell you what he and the men did last night, then he certainly won’t include you in his life and may even do shady things.

Notice whether he hints at your future.  

If the two aren’t at the stage of a relationship where they openly discuss future possibilities, then you are just wasting your time with him. Always pay attention to whether he’s dropping hints.  At least small things like wondering what the two of you will do when you have at least a month or two left is a good sign.

  • If he proposes too soon (e.g. in 3 months), take the time to analyze why he is in a hurry. If you suspect anything fishy about him, suggest a long engagement and see the outcome. Because he might just be in a hurry to hide and cover what he doesn’t want you to find out about himself. 
  • And again, if a man doesn’t absolutely discuss the future – even after a significant amount of time (e.g. a year) – he probably won’t even consider one. Always take note of the signs! 

Still digging deep on the possible ways to know the right man for you. 

>> He will be planning an event with you in a few weeks when he meets you . Yes!  It doesn’t look like much of a dedication, but it’s a hint that he’s thinking of the future with you.  It may not be the right time to make a marriage proposal, but it’s a step in the right direction.  

>> He might insist on getting intimate before you’re ready. But, it’s just because he can’t resist you? . Absolutely not!  The guy who’s right for you won’t pressure you to have sex before you’re both ready.  If your man understands your needs and is patient and considerate, he can become The One.  

>> When you say “I love you” and he responds and is always at the responding side. It might be a sign that he’s not sure about his feelings for you. But If you’re the one who always starts the declaration of feelings every time, and he just follows along as expected.  Talk to him about it.  He might be shy.  Let him know that sometimes it’s important to you for him to say it first.  

>> He separates his social life from his relationship with you in order to remain independent. not quite!  There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little independence during a relationship, but something can happen if he’s hiding his friends and social life.  The right person will want to introduce you to their friends and also include them in his plans.  

Make sure he remembers your birthdays and days important to you naturally.  

This is one way to determine whether or not he weighs your thoughts when you are not around him.  Making space for someone in your life is one thing, but completely making room for her in your heart is another thing.

Notice the way he compliments you when you’re not doing your best.  

Does he complain much when your hair is unkempt ?  Or does your attractiveness diminish and weaken depending on how well he grooms himself for you?

Notice if you are happy to include him in your life.  

Complimenting you to friends and wanting to include you in his family is a major vote of trust.  On the other hand, if he doesn’t feel safe about the relationship, he may subconsciously find excuses not to introduce or discuss you with family.

  • Does he include you in his latest family plans, such as inviting you on a family dinner (or simply assuming you will accompany the family without an invitation)?
  • Does he want to help you get along with his family because it’s important that they like you ?
  • Does he suggest that he calls his mother for advice on cooking, cleaning, etc.?

Notice how you too change with each other.  

People often change when they are around other people (especially those they care deeply about).  Because people do change each other for the better and worse.  You will have to decide if you too have a positive influence on each other. 

  • Always know this, If your man is possessive, jealous, distrustful, lazy, or constantly stressed around you?  This is probably not the person you want to be around, because….even his presence makes you uncomfortable. So therefore, he’s probably not for you and you probably don’t like who you are when you’re with him.
  • Hope you inspire each other to be better persons?  When he’s with you, do he  strive for more for life and for yourself?  Do you do the same?  Do you make each other kinder and happier people?  This is a healthy relationship and will only improve each other’s lives.

Think about how he lives his life. 

Does his future match your wishes?  Do you  share the same values?  Notice the way you both say you’re interested.  Is he comfortable letting you see his soft side?  Do you offer a qualifier like “I love you a lot” or openly say that you love him at the start of a “I love you more” game?

  • This means there’s a discrepancy between what is said and what is passed.  You too are often so blinded by feelings and poetically chattering about your love that you don’t even notice what you did to back it up.  

See how comfortable you too are, in each other’s space. 

It is often said that living together is the true test of compatibility.  A relationship that takes place entirely in restaurants and parks can be wine and roses, but having to share dishes, shave each other, and hand over dirty laundry can quickly dispel the illusion.  How well do you compromise your personal and collective responsibilities when you live together?  If not, did you at least change the keys to each other’s place?  If so, how welcome do you think both of you would be?

Ask yourself if you have a comfortable balance when spending time together and apart. 

Having your own individual interests provides for more interesting relationships and helps both maintain a healthy and independent identity.  If your relationship is going in the right direction, you will feel comfortable and secure even when you are apart.

How can you be sure the two are compatible?

>> The two have everything in common and everything together. Exactly, You can separate your interests from each other and have a satisfying relationship.  In fact, having other hobbies can make things interesting and can lead to happy, healthy mates.  

>> He may be possessive, but think it’s just a sign that he loves you. Not quite!  Jealousy and possessiveness can kill a relationship.  It is the exact opposite of trust, where two people need to trust each other and have a compatible and successful relationship.  Assess how the two of you influence each other, and if you find that you both inspire and encourage each other, that’s a good sign that he’s the right person for you!  

>> Both of them compromise on common responsibilities at home, in their  home, or in the common home. Yes!  While this is not the only sign of compatibility, compromise goes a long way towards a happy relationship.  Dating is fun, but when reality starts and you’re trying to build a life with someone, you’ll have to shave each other in the morning, pile up dirty laundry in the corner, and do chores together.  If the two of you work well together, your man could be The One.  

>> He is always romantic and talks about his love for you. Yes!  Just as good as hearing how much your man loves you is when he backs up his words with actions.  Conversely, if he isn’t always poetic and you feel neglected, take a step back and see what he does for you.  Your man may want to show his feelings through small, thoughtful gestures instead…

These are the indications of somebody who is on the right track for you, since affection with the ideal individual sustains you all around.

Let me know what you think! 

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