How To Approach A Lady In Person For The First Time

How To Approach A Lady In Person For The First Time – In this article you will be learning how to approach a lady in person for the first time. This can be a big deal to so many guys as most people prefer online conversations and dating, where they hide behind their keypads and can spit out anything without the fear of been ridiculed or caught up in an embarrassing situation.

The big question here is “Is there a perfect way to strike a conversation with a lady for the first time that will guarantee her attention and phone number? ” Well! I dont think so.

There are basically steps you can take in the right direction that will help you get her attention but wont always guarantee her attention and phone number all the time. Figuring out when and how you can initiate contact for the first time, is one of the hardest tasks you will have to conquer in a face-to-face dating world.

Remember that its always scary to have initial face-to -face contact with anyone for the first time but the way and manner you approach it can always give you a better lift. Approaching someone you have interest in can sometimes make you feel vulnerable but it will definitely worth it at the long run if successful.

Getting to know people you find attractive is the same whether you meet them at the beach, in the bar or in a club, you still have to follow the same simple communication and initial contact technique that will be laid down here

Before the approach

Before approaching anyone you should ensure you understand the whole environment and what ever they are doing. You shouldn’t try to interrupt their activity or make them feel you are more important than whatever you find them doing. This will send the wrong signal to them. While you wait to observe the best time to approach them, also ensure you aren’t obstructing anything for them, its also the best time to check on your looks, your teeth, mouth smell and also ensure you are well dressed. You can also use this opportunity to look out on something on them (skin color, hair color, eye color, voice etc.) you can use to spark a conversation with them

If you are fully set and its the right moment, then you should move on to meet with them

Eye Contact And Body Language

Once you get closer to make the conversation, one good way of showing confidence is by retaining a strong eye contact with the person. Eye contact shows you are confident enough to be in such position and looking away from her shows you are either shy, or uncomfortable with the situation or environment you are.

From there it becomes about the body language. You need to be careful about their body language because this is where the acceptance information lies. One good way of knowing a person is comfortable with you is through their body language, they will either move closer, look towards your direction, uncross their legs etc. All of this body language is good and means that you are welcome to continue, and they are open to further conversation. Now is time to move to the next phase, which is the verbal contact.

Please You Have To Leave The Pickup Lines Exactly Where They Belong – The ‘80s     

The idea of using pickup lines to woo the ladies is long gone. Most women easily assume the guys doing them now, are either cheaters or have simply memorized a couple of lines to make them confident of any conversation. You have to make things look natural and be yourself. You have to send the information that you are just a gentle man and not someone interested in using pick up lines to woo women around.

Hold a little introductory conversation with them, and make sure you introduce your name in a brilliant manner before the conversation goes too far. If you don’t, the conversation might become weird and unfruitful.

If the conversation was successful and you are about leaving the scene, leave behind the old fashion way of requesting or hoping for a future meet up. You have to man up with your words and say things like “I enjoyed the conversation and would love to spend more time in getting to know you” Do you want to meet for a (a drink, run, walk, hand out, movie etc ) next (Monday, Tuesday…..Friday ) if they say “yes”, exchange numbers and go home knowing you have gotten the digit.

Ghosting Shouldn’t Be An Option

Most people end up ghosting and not taking charge after getting the number. This is wrong. If you planned on meeting after the conversation, set out time to meet with the person. Don’t sit around thinking why shouldn’t he initiate the conversation, or should I text her first or something. You can decide to call same day you got home and ask them how their day went and if they have also gotten home successfully. If you want to know that person much better, follow up, make good plans and continue to be yourself. It’s what got you a date to begin with, don’t break the flow now.

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