High School relationship Advice

It’s often that in those days, mature people are always the ones looking for love and care from the opposite sex but today 99% of high school kids are looking for love while they could have been busy thinking about how and what they will do to be productive to their parents, communities, countries, and the global world and that has been causing me to think over and over again trying to figure out why is almost every kid’s at high school are always in need of a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

I come to realize that when they see the affection their parents express between themselves, they now wish they can have the same. If not really same but at least someone of the opposite sex who can love them, care for them, listen to them, walk with them, put a smile on their faces, and also be they for them they have a rough day or rough class.

Well, 98% of high school relationships do not last above one year because of one thing or the other all because both parties are immature. And without maturity, fights go unresolved, everyone claims right and too big to be corrected, etc.

You need to, first of all, know the tips that guide every relationship including high school relationship

1. You got to first understand what an intimate relationship really mean and their effect: As a high school student, you really need to understand what you are going into before you can even make a move.

A relationship is not a child’s play since it has to do with the matter of the heart, therefore asking yourself what is the need of this relationship? What will it do for me in life, is it worth it? What does it even mean to be in a relationship with someone?

Now if you can ask yourself all these questions and then you are able to give yourself an accurate answer, then you are ready to move to point two.

2. The qualities you have and the qualities you require from a guy or a girl: as a cute handsome boy or a beautiful girl, many young people like you will come for you and they will rush you in a way that you begin seeing yourself as the king or Queen of that high school. Which with pride you may fall out of place both in friendship, classes, etc.

 Now, this is another important point that will help you when all these hilarious things begin to take place at your young age. Before you get carried away by all the attention and affection showered on you by both the opposite sex and same-sex, you need to know who you are.

Yeah, who you are, because when you know who you are, you will be able to know your worth and qualities.

It is said that love can change anyone but I will say this, at this young age, if you want to date, date someone that has the same vision as you, someone who is trying to be better both academy and in other areas of life.

Why do I say so? Don’t try to change someone by dating them instead of trying changing them as a colleague but if it doesn’t work out, then don’t try plan B because as young as you are, they will be the ones to turn around and change you into their same kind of life they live.

3. Understand your body language: Just because your friend tells you about his or her first time, you now decided to take it upon yourself to try it with whoever you are secretly admiring.

If your body or spirit is telling you that you are not ready for such an act, then don’t do anything you will regret later in life.

—-Something’s that happens when you regret your first time is;–

i. You will avoid him or her just by sighting from a distance.

ii. You will see yourself hating them without any reason known to you.

iii. You will lose focus: it is very terrible to start losing focus right at high school because of an emotional crisis.

iv. You will start being absent from school or classes especially if you were high in the same class.

v. You will be seen as a freak: when you start acting weird, questions will start arising and people will start talking and at the end of it all, you will be seen as a freak. and you know, no one wants to be friends with freaks except a fellow freak.

4. Don’t force yourself on someone just for them to like you: when I was in high school, there was this girl that was the cheerleader by then she was a beauty with her blonde hair, as usual, every guy always wish to date a cheerleader and every girl do wish to be friends with them, which you know is not possible especially if you are not a popular kid at school too like them.

My best friend who was cute though not popular tried using that cuteness to his advantage and made a move on our cheerleader but guess what?? She turned him down right there, so he kept trying and trying to the point that he became an errand boy for her but still it didn’t work out.

Now when you force yourself on someone to like you just because you like them, you turn around and become a footstool to them directly or indirectly just as my friend was.

5. Learn to control your emotions: at the high school relationship level, you shouldn’t let what you read or watch on romantic movies take over your head so that it won’t destroy your future. Those movies you watch can be practice or used when you are all grown up but for now, you are too young to experience emotional trauma.

6. Don’t be distracted: Dating at high school can sometimes be a bit of a distraction because when you could have been learning, you are out partying with your boyfriend, while you suppose to be in the library reading, you are there exchanging love message and be smiling.

7. Stay away from sex: Sex is something that you will be having more often with your spouse when you are of age and may get tired of it some days thereby lying to your partner just to avoid sleeping with him or her that day.

So at this young age don’t rush to have sex with a guy just because he says he loves you or because he says prove to me you love me.

I will tell you this, any guy who asks you for sex as proof of your love for him, does not love you”. Yes, is as simple as that, so don’t be deceived that every relationship is sustained by sex.

At high school, you are still too young that you can’t provide for yourself just yet so Sex shouldn’t even be on your mind until you become a lady or a man. Sex has the power to destroy your future.

Let me tell you that first time experience can be so much for you that you continue going for more and at the end of it, you become so addicted to it, when you become addicted to it, it will be very hard to stop. And I’m not sure you want that either.

8. Don’t only date for fun but also to learn: If you want to go into a high school relationship don’t go in because you want to have fun but also go in because you know that you will learn a lot by being closer to the person you want to date. It may be learning in different aspect of lifelike;

1. Educational aspect 2. Spiritual Aspect 3. Sports 4. Skills 5. Talent aspect, etc.

9. Protection: No matter what you do be it mistakenly or intentionally, ensure that you protect yourself, very important but I will advise you not to do anything you might regret later.

10. Don’t cheat: Cheating is the worst thing you want to do if you are in a high school relationship. I’m telling you. Cheating in high school only means that you want to damage your reputation in school. Because once you cheat, before you even enter the hallway, all eyes will be on you and when that happens, just know that you will be the topic throughout your stay that semester until someone else falls victim.

I will say this, don’t date if you know that you won’t be faithful with one guy or girl until there is a break up before you move with another person.

And if you are in a high school relationship or trying to be, just make sure that you have an agreement with whoever is asking you to be his date before going into it.

So be sure that you can keep your body, education, emotions check at all times before accepting to start a relationship with anyone.

Avoid bad company because bad company corrupts good manners. So to avoid being corrupted, choose your friends and those you want to mingle with wisely.

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