How to Get 100+ Girls Phone Numbers For Free in 2021 [contact available]

Hello today we will be discussing how you can easily get 100+ Girls Phone numbers for free and at the end of this article we will be giving out phone numbers of some girls for you to contact for free. Stay tuned and never miss out on our update. You can bookmark this web page so you can easily get notification on our latest post thank you!

Getting a girls phone number can be pretty difficult and challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. But trust me it’s one of the easiest things to do if you follow through this article to the end.

What you get to learn from this article

  • Some of the basic things you get to learn from this article include
  • You get to learn how to communicate with a girl without been scared or shy
  • You get to connect with thousands of girls online
  • You get to know more about dating sites
  • You get to get more than 100+ girls phone numbers easily

I am fully sure you don’t want to miss out from any of this opportunity listed above. So grab a cold glass cup of juice and keep on reading.

Why you need a girl’s phone number

Yeah we have so many reasons for requesting for a girls phone number. Maybe you want to start up a relationship with them or you need to make friends with a lot of girls. Or you are interested in starting up a business and you need phone numbers of a lot of girls for the business. It all depends on you.

How to get Girls phone numbers

 There are different ways to get a girls phone number. Some of the best method of getting girls phone numbers include:

  1. One on one meet up: Meeting with a girl physically to get her phone number is one of the best ways of getting her phone number but this method appears scary and intimidating to most guys. Maybe due to low self-esteem and low confidence. But nevertheless a guy filled with confidence coupled with good appearance will find this method the best way to get a girls number. Have you tried getting a girls phone number using this method? What was the feeling like?
  2. On Facebook: the next method we will be discussing about is Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social network online with lots of women. You will agree with me that there are more women on Facebook than the men. This makes it easier for the guys to easily get a lot of girl’s phone numbers on Facebook. Well!! You just have to keep trying different girls out and you will be lucky to have a handy number of girl’s phone numbers. To get a girls phone number on Facebook you really have to get her attention. You can easily do this by keeping a good profile and also compliment most of her pictures and status.
  3. On whatsapp: Here whatsapp groups are also a good zone to get a lot of female phone numbers. On whatsapp groups you have a lot of men and women and this numbers are not hidden. You can easily look through their profile pictures and send them a direct message to get their attention. Just be a man.
  4. Other social platforms: you can also get phone numbers of girls on other social platforms such as snap chat, 2go, baddoo etc. this places are similar to Facebook and are very good social places as well
  5. On dating sites and dating apps: There are a large number of dating sites where you can easily get girls phone numbers. Dating sites such as harmony, passion, plenty of fish and the rest are good areas for dating. Most members of this platform are of similar interest and this makes it easier for one to get phone numbers easily.
  6. In parties and Events: parties and events are also good places to get phone numbers of girls. Women love events and are mostly happy when it comes to celebrations and parties. Trust me, most women attend events to get attracted to men. So events and parties are really a good place to meet up with beautiful women and exchange phone numbers.

How to get girls whatsapp phone numbers

Getting a girls whatsapp phone number can be difficult when you don’t share the same whatsapp group with her or any other similar interest. But with the steps above you can easily get this numbers. We have also compiled a list of different groups you can join and get girls whatsapp phone numbers for free. Kindly click on the link below to read about them.

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Apps to get girls phone numbers

There are some few applications available on play store and the links below that can help you get girls phone numbers easily. I can assure you 100% trust on this applications but I believe most of them work just fine.  

Here are the list of apps you can get girls phone numbers

  • Real girl’s mobile number – This application is one of the best prank dating applications for you to easily make a good dating connection with a girl.  This is one of the best applications to get a girls phone number from any part of the world.  You have connections and easy love with tons of other single ladies in your locality and around the world. This app was developed with the main intention of dating and getting phone numbers of single ladies online. With this application, single men can easily find a life partner. Its free to use and free of any form of advertising

How to use this application:

  • Download this application and install it on your mobile phone
  • Open the application and you will get to see a list of girls online
  • Select your favourite girl from the list of country girls available
  • Click on her profile and her information will be displayed such as name, phone number, email and all
  • Now you can start chatting with her
  • Thanks.
  • Real girl’s phone number: With real girl’s phone number, you can get a number of girls phone number in 2019. All girls on this application are beautiful. You can also use this application to prank your friends.

This application contain girls number from 10+ country such as Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Russia, Australia, brazil, usa, Algeria, morocco, Saudi Arabia and many others

How to use this app

  • Install the application
  • Open the application on our mobile phone
  • Browse the list containing girls phone numbers
  • Get the numbers and save them on your contact


  • Real Girls Mobile Number: This application is a prank application and one of the best applications for online dating. You can easily register and search for date over but it’s very difficult to get a girls whatsapp number over here. You can share this application with some of your friends to prank them so they think you got a girlfriend online.

How to use Real girl mobile number application:

  • Download and install the application on your mobile phone.
  • Select the favorite country you need the number to come from
  • Click the country and locate the type of girl you need
  • Click on the girl and get her details fast
  • Click on the get number button and you will see her phone number
  • Now start chatting with her fast.

Download app here >> LINK

  • Friend’s finder for whatsapp for whatsapp app: this applications allows you to find new friends around you and gives you their whatsapp number. Those looking for new girl and boys friends can search this applications to get numbers for free. Friendship finder can also be used to find new date partner. If you are interested in getting a lover that stays close to you then this is the right application for you.

Download app here > LINK

  • Friend Search Tool Simulator – Girls Mobile Number:  This application is a friend simulator that lets you simulate across the web for phone numbers online. This application also creates random contacts on your mobile phone and its very good for those that are bored.

 How to use this application

  • First download and install this application
  • Write out the country code you need the number from
  • Tap on add numbers to add contacts to your phone list
  • Tap on add contact located on the app
  • See all the contacts added to your list
  • Now you can contact the numbers and make friends

Download app here:  LINK

How to add girls on whatsapp

To add a girl on whatsapp follow the below steps

  • Get the girl’s phone number using any of the methods above
  • Add the girl’s number to you contacts by saving it on your phone
  • Refresh your whatsapp contact list and the girls number will appear


With all we have discussed above getting a girls phone number should be much easier now. Please check back on us for more updates

Thank you!

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