Dubai Based Zambian Sugar baby is looking for a sugar daddy

              A Dubai based Zambian sugar baby is looking for any available sugar daddy to connect with. She is a super cute lady with a small business in Dubai (UAE) but she is from Zambia. Zainab is in her early twenties and she needs urgent relationship with her sugar daddy. She is ready to ease the stress from him and make him feel young again. She recently broke up with her ex and now she believes she needs a sugar daddy that will take good care of her financially while she satisfies him in kind. She needs a rich sugar daddy who is willing to show her round the world and spend a lot of money on her while she makes it up for him in kind and also be around him when he needs her.

 General information:

My name is zainab, i am a sugar baby.  I am in my early 20s. I am born into a Muslim family and left alone to take good care of myself. I have been doing so for years now. I even own a small business here in Dubai which I use to take good care of myself… I recently broke up with my ex. He is a naughty boy and not a honest type of person so felt I couldn’t keep up with the relationship, I had to put it to an end.  I am working towards having a master’s degree in accounting ones I am done with my university and I need a financial sponsor on that too.

Personal description

I am a tall and beautiful lady with nice and hot curves that can make any man fall. i am always a focus of all concentrations whenever I put on my hot revealing dress. I enjoy going to parties where we have lots of rich men because that’s where I meet potentials. Lol! I enjoy partying. I don’t drink a lot and I do not smoke. I am a free type of person. My best color is red and I love singing and dancing too. I love tall and smart looking guys with a good sense of humor and I enjoy having conversations with the opposite partner. I am intelligent with a leadership spirit. I ones headed my class in several outdoor competitions which became fruitful.


I am interested in a sugar daddy willing to spoil me and make me love him. I am ready to show him a beautiful side of me. A side with lots of fantasies and fun. He will love to see. He only needs to spend more on me and make me love him and want to be with him till the end.

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