Six Good Reasons why You Should Consider Dating Your Best Friend

Dating your Best friend – Today we decided to look into some of the good reasons why you should consider dating your best friend. Over the past few years, dating has been a trending topic with over ninety thousand searches on the word “dating” and over two hundred and forty five thousand searches on the term “dating site”. There has been constant increase in the amount of searches on this term yearly which shows that a lot of people are interested in dating or starting up a good relationship online and majority are looking for dating sites to help them find the right person. But today I will be drawing your attention back to your circle and putting an end to your quest for love outside when you can simple start dating your best friend and I will give some good reasons why I consider this safe and best for you. This piece of writing is majorly for those who have an opposite gender as best friend. I have seen a lot of people with best friend of opposite gender and they are just doing well. Most people prefer having the opposite gender as best friend rather than having same gender.

Dating can be seen as having a relationship between yourself and someone else, can be same gender or opposite gender. 90% of most dating relationships are for romantic and partnership gains and most times end up been together forever.  Some of the importance of dating can be seen below


A lot of people have different reasons for going into dating relationship and some of which include and are not limited to:

  • Loneliness: loneliness can be seen as when you are always alone with no one to be with or talk to most times. Loneliness can be dangerous and it’s best you get someone to be with. Having a dating partner can really be of great assistance to you and will definitely free you from been lonely at all times.
  • Friendship: This might sound strange but believe me, most people go into dating relationship for the purpose of friendship. They need someone to call a friend. Someone who they will be willing to share experience and feelings with at times. Someone who will be willing to listen to their drama.
  • Motivation: Dating a good and reliable person can serve as a motivation to you. She/he will be willing to motivate and encourage you into doing things and carrying out activities that will improve your life.
  • Financial Gain: Dating can be of financial favor to anyone most especially when the other partner is buoyant or connected enough to take good care of other. Connected partners can easily connect you to a job where you will be paid and earn a good living from. Most women find it easy to connect their lover to a job than connecting just anybody.
  • Life Partner: Dating most time leads to marriage and can be a start for something good in your life. Having a family with lots of beautiful children is something everyone really cherish.


Dating your best friend can really be difficult for anyone to decide but it’s definitely a good option when both sides are single and hoping on getting a partner. Most best friends of opposite gender end up making a good dating relationship with each other. This is because:

Good Reasons why You Should Consider Dating Your Best Friend

Some of the good reasons why you should consider dating your best friend includes:

Best for Motivation Partner: Your best friend understands you better than anyone else. Your best friend has been present during your previous struggle and has seen the light with you when things became better. So your best friend is definitely the best person to motivate you as your dating partner since they are already aware about your previous and current lifestyle and activities.

Best Friendship Partner: Everyone needs a date he/she will end up seeing as a friend but here we have our best friend who is already a friend to us and has been playing the role of a best friend for long now. A best friend is the best to see as a friendship partner in a dating relationship.

Familiarity: Dating your best friend will definitely ease you from the stress of getting to know a new person again from the start. You are already familiar with the does and don’ts of your best friend and the good and bad side of them. This makes it easy for you to work out something good with them.

Ability to understand Weakness Faster: Your best friend already experienced and understands your weakness faster and will be able to spot a weak position in you faster anytime. This makes dating your best friend very interesting and easy as you won’t be involved in trying to teach someone how to understand your weakness.

Quick Support: Most times in fresh relationships, the partner might find it difficult to provide support to the other because of trust issues. Dating your best friend eliminates trust issues and exposes you to quick support from them when you need one.

Stronger feeling/Trust: Dating your best friend will increase the feelings already existing between both of you. Taking the relationship further step ahead will also improve the feelings you both have for each other.

Easy Flow/Communication: Communication is the major pillar of any relationship. A relationship without good communication will find it difficult to stand and will eventually die off if proper care is not taken. As best friends, you have already established good communication with one another and won’t find it difficult to continue as lovers.


If you are single and you have a best friend, good enough to be your partner. Its okay you start up a relationship with them. Most times some of the things we spend time looking for outside are right in front of us waiting patiently for us. Have you ever approached your best friend for a date before? Feel free to share their response and your thought on the subject matter using the comment section below.

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