Dating On Facebook | 9 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Today

Facebook as a social network has become the center and starting point of local and foreign relationships for virtually everyone. As of June 2019, Facebook recorded over 1.59billion active users 55.6 percent of which are female and 44.4 percent of which are male. With this population of users, Facebook can be easily said to be bigger than three times of most countries in the world. With the ratio of male to female on Facebook, we can simply conclude that for every male there is an available female for him on Facebook.  Have you been considering the right place to meet with your life partner? Today we will be discussing 7 good reasons why you should be considering dating on Facebook.

What is dating?

Dating can be said to be a romantic relationship within humans involving either a male and a female or between people of same sex for example, a male dating a male or a female dating a female and such cases are common in European countries where the citizens are experiencing modern freedom laws.

Another definition of dating gotten from Wikipedia defines dating as a stage of romantic relationships which involves humans whereby two people come together socially with the sole aim of each having access to the others suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship.

Dating can start locally with a physical one on one connection and conversation or online through dating sites such as sugar mum connect, sugar mummy link up, okcupid, hi5 and Facebook etc. this dating sites provides you with the platform and opportunity to start up a positive relationship with people around you or far away from your destination.

Some of us might be wandering why it’s important to startup a relationship on social website like Facebook. I have been able to give out seven certain and important reasons why you should do so and they include:

9 Reasons You Should Start Dating On Facebook

Some of the reasons why you should start up a dating relationship on Facebook includes;

  • Facebook is a social network with over 1.59 billion active users. 55.6 percent of which are female and 44.4 percent of which are male. This simply means for every male there is an available female waiting to meet him.
  • Facebook is the largest social network to meet different people. Yes! On Facebook we can easily meet with lots of people both young and old. Virtually everyone is present on Facebook. Even those without much online experience. Nowadays everyone wants to be on Facebook and Facebook keeps getting awareness and keeps trending.
  • Facebook makes it easier for you to express yourself to the world. Most people are very shy and can’t express themselves on a physical crowed of in the presence of an opposite sex. Facebook has taken good care of this as you will be able to chat with this opposite partner without really seeing them in person at first. If you have an attractive social media profile, trust me! Your partner will see you as an attractive person.
  • Facebook enables you get a firsthand impression and information about the kind of person your catch might be. Most people find it easy to predict the kind of person you are just from your profile information. This is the major reason why you need to represent yourself properly on Facebook as most people might not have the time to really confirm if your profile information are right or wrong.
  • Facebook makes it easier for you to upload a lot of images and information’s about yourself to enable you attract more people to yourself and meet good partners.
  • With Facebook dating you can get connected to rich sugar mummies, rich sugar daddies, rich partners that can change your financial status for good.
  • Lastly from recent records Facebook has shown to be the best dating social network to meet with all kinds of people worldwide.
  • With Facebook dating you get to check out and observe lots of women and also get to know them from their profile information before chatting them up.
  • Facebook dating also gives more information about a person such as names of the family members, the close relations and the work place.

Starting up an online relationship on dating platforms like Facebook can be very challenging and we have been able to give out some guidelines which can help you start up a good relationship on Facebook.

Dating on Facebook | How To Start A Dating Relationship on Facebook?

As I said earlier, starting up a relationship on a social network can be very challenging and difficult if you really don’t understand how the present Facebook algorithm works. Most users also find it very difficult to register an account on Facebook as Facebook is constantly trying to fight suspicious activities and with this, there have been strict measures placed recently to enable Facebook curb this suspicious activities. But with this guide, you will be able to create a good Facebook profile and start up dating on Facebook.

  • If you are interested in creating a Facebook account, simply click on this link to register for an account.
  • Fill in the right information accurately without errors as most times you might be asked to verify the information you used in registering earlier and this can result to your account been terminated if you can verify them properly
  • Always ensure you verify your phone number and email properly. In verifying your email and phone numbers, a text confirmation code will be sent to them, you are expected to check back on Facebook and input the codes properly. Please do this for both your phone number and email.
  • Now it’s assumed you have a valid Facebook account. The next step you need to take is putting up an attractive profile picture as this will be the first place anyone interested in you will be willing to check to see who you really are. You need to avoid using images that doesn’t represent who you really are.
  • Filling up your profile information with the right information is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss. In this section, information such as


Date of birth

Residential Address

School background information

Relationship status

Employment status etc.

All this will be asked and you are expected to fill in the right information as Facebook will be using this to information to validate if you are really genuine. For example the address you filled will be cross checked with your ip address to check your current location and if does not correlate, your account might be suspended.

  • Note that when filling your profile information’s, sections like “about yourself”, hobbies, best movies, sport etc. should be properly filled and should be interesting as this is the second place your catch will be willing to check. Ones you are done with that you will be shown some friend suggestions, kindly add nothing more than 15 friends from the list and please do not do that in hurry to avoid suspicious activities.
  • Now we are done setting up your Facebook profile. Its best you let the profile stay for a week before searching and chatting with people online. During the wait period, you can upload nice status to make your profile look more attractive.
  • Searching for men and women on Facebook is actually very easy. You just need to join groups on Facebook available for dating and introduce yourself on the group with an attractive picture. Just as the image below
dating on facebook

Some of the dating Facebook groups you can join on Facebook groups include



Singles – Dating – Friendship worldwide



These are few groups out of millions of dating groups available on Facebook. In this groups you can find sugar mummies, sugar daddy, boyfriend and girlfriends. Winks!

Please do not join more than five groups in a day as this can be considered as a suspicious activity by Facebook security bots.

  • Now it’s considered you are a member of some Facebook dating groups. You will come across so many same and opposite genders on those groups and you can easily make your choice. You can also scroll down the members of those groups to find more attractive people.
  • When you find your catch, kindly send them a message and also a friend request. The easiest and fastest way to get their attention is by commenting on their pictures. Just leave behind a nice commenting and also inform them that you sent them a friend request and a message and you really hope they reply soonest.

Now we are done with the importance things you need to know why setting up a Facebook account and possible ways in which you can get the right person to start a conversation with. The next area we will be looking at is the “does” and “don’ts” of dating on Facebook. We have certain characters you shouldn’t possess why starting a dating relationship on Facebook and also we have characters that are really attractive and has more tendency of attracting the right people to your Facebook profile thereby making it easier for you to have the right catch easier and faster. First we will be looking at the “does” on Facebook. This is simply means all the positive characters that you should carry out on Facebook and they include:

Does of Dating on Facebook

Some of the positive characters and activities you should be carrying out on Facebook includes:

  • Been respectful and polite at all times: this might sound easy but trust me Facebook is saturated with lots of people and all are with different characters. You might get into a conversation with someone with a bad manners or bad way of communicating ideas and you will find yourself using false words on such person which isn’t right. We have to be conscious of ourselves at all times and try not to act different.
  • Respect other people opinions on a subject matter: Facebook as a social network engages lots of people with important topics. Sometimes you might end up not finding this topic okay or you might sense a disagreement with the authors or posters point of view. At this point, its right you find a cool and positive way to relay your own point of view without making it look insulting or abusive to the author or poster.
  • Keeping an interesting and positive profile always: always keep an interesting and positive profile. Upload positive status daily and always try to start up a conversation in the right manner.

Don’t of Dating on Facebook

Some of the negative characters and activities you should not be carrying out on Facebook includes:

  • Never use abusive language on facebook as this will send the wrong message to users observing and you might possibly loose someone interested in you.
  • Never use and animated picture or picture not related to you as your profile picture. This will reduce the authenticity of your profile and people won’t like to have a conversation with someone they don’t know.
  • Never send multiple messages to lots of users you don’t know as this will be tagged as a suspicious activity by Facebook bot and you are likely going to lose your account.
  • Avoid sharing information you aren’t sure of or sharing false and provocative information on your profile.

These are one of the few things you shouldn’t do on Facebook.


Dating on facebook at this point can be considered easy for everyone who has gone through this work. You can see clearly that I emphasized more on how you should place and take good care of your profile as that’s the file place anyone interested in you will like to check first. Keep throwing your shots at those you are really interested in and soon one will be yours.


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