Dating Ideas You Can Explore During Quarantine Period

Dating Ideas You Can Explore During Quarantine Period – Now is an unexpected and severe time of the year, where there are lots of people locked inside their home and they aren’t sure when they will be allowed out. The last time such an experience occurred was during the sars outbreak that claimed so many lives and left families in depressing states. We are so grateful to the nurse and doctors out there putting their effort to curtail and stop this problem. But as we wait for them, are we going to put a pause to our relationships? NO!

If you live with your partner or you stay apart from each other, there are different ways you can spice up this quarantine period to show them you really care and have them in mind at all times. This is the period most women will be looking out for how much care their partner can offer and how they would be reciprocating same to their partner.

Dating Ideas You Can Explore During Quarantine Period

Incase you are still lost on what to do and how to take over this quarantine period, here are few great quarantine dating ideas to help you:


Though this might sound weird, but its a nice idea to take yourself back to the old hand letter writing and sending format. Write a beautiful love letter , take them to the mail delivery service and mail them to your partner. You can attach flowers to it or make a drawing of love at the back of the letter. This will be one of the beautiful things she will receive that day and she will be so happy with you and your creativeness. willing to try ? Then Go Ahead!


With the current lock down, most people cant get to the restaurants or eating centers anymore. They are left with cooking at home and this can get very creative if you choose to cook with her. You can decide to cook and eat dinner while having a video call with her as she does hers too. This is a great experience and worth trying.


A gift card is a unique and beautiful way of sharing love with your partner. Gift cards makes people happy and when it comes from someone you love and cherish, the happiness hits different. You can send your partner a gift card they can use now and later send them another gift card they can only use at the restaurants with you together. This is a great way of sharing love and showing you really care about them.


Who doesn’t love gifts ? Sending your partner a gift through the delivery service can make their day beautiful. You can send a beautiful gift rapped in her best color and with a note that “Someday things will return to normal”. Women find little things like this romantic, and when it comes from someone they love, it becomes the best feeling.


Online photo album can be very lovely and leaves women emotional. Take some interesting photos of you and your partner, mix them together and form a short video slide. Upload it on any social platform where you are very sure they will be see it. Do not tell them to check it, let it be a surprise to them and be rest assured they will think of you all through the day.

Lastly, we are sending you love, hoping you make good this holiday and hope you maintain proper hygiene. Please STAY HOME and STAY SAFE

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