Christian Relationship Advice and When to Break Up

Christian relationship advice – As a Christian, ensure that before you venture into any kind of relationship with the opposite sex that you made God be the foundation of that relationship before you even start.

There are so many advantages in making God be the foundation on which you established the relationship on and one of those advantages is this; God will not give you a deaf ear and then allow you to put your foot at the wrong place knowing very well that if at the end of it the relationship is not of good than the blame will be on him.

One thing you need to know about God is that He does not share His glory with any man therefore he makes all things beautiful including your relationship.

 But in human nature which we are, all things we do here on earth can’t be beautiful and perfect because we are bounce to make mistakes and that’s what differentiates us from God. He is a perfect God but we are imperfect.

Therefore as a Christian who wants to be in a relationship, you should first and foremost, ensure that God is the foundation of that relationship before going into it deep.

Now after all being said, what are the Christian relationship advice you need?

1. Ask God for grace and wisdom: As I said before when I started this article, I said “make God the foundation”, when God is in your relationship, he gives you direction on what and what to do and on what not to do, though as human, we will always fall out of place but with Him, He will make His wisdom available for direction to come out of it and His grace to be able to stand strong.

2. Speak the truth always: I know you want your relationship to work especially if he is a brother or a sister in the church to avoid disgrace and discrimination between brethren but then what?

If God is with you from the beginning then you shouldn’t be ashamed or scared of what people will say and tell the truth always when the needs arise.

Remember, it is better to please God and displease men than to displease God and please men.

3. Seek Counsel from your man of God: This does not mean that if your man of God says go it means it’s perfect. But it will go a long way because a shepherd will not see his sheep falling into the pit and then still keep mute unless he is not a good shepherd.

Therefore when he says go it means just start but then be prayerful so that God will take the will of that relationship that nothing will tamper with it in the future.

4. Don’t be desperate: Many sisters these days in churches all do hope in marriage anytime any brother or a newcomer ask them for a relationship.

It is not a must that every relationship should or must result in marriage, it is a relationship not a marriage proposal so have the mindset of friendship, not marriage except unless, he comes to you to ask or through your man of God if not, don’t do things that will hurt you tomorrow if it doesn’t work out as planned.

Some of those things as a Christian that can hurt you are;

1. Introduction: never introduce a brother or a sister to other sisters or brothers when you are not sure if the relationship will have a future.

2. Living with the man: Dating someone as a Christian is not the greatest sin but living with him when he has never talked of marriage with you is a wrong step to take. Though most times, some ladies do think that once they move in with the guy and then have their attention completely that he will not look elsewhere since she has covered the gap of another lady coming in.

But what they do forget is that the guy in question has never asked for their hand in marriage therefore he has every right to do anything he likes at anytime, anywhere, and with anyone without holding her any explanation of whatever he does with his life.

3. Taking over every duty of a wife:  help your guy in anything you can help with, but I tell you this if you want to have your respect and if you hope for that “will you marry me or be my wife” one day then limit the things you do.

When a guy you are just in a relationship with, is already used to you, he will not make a move to take the relationship to another level because already you are doing everything a wife should do for her husband or in her husband’s house, therefore what’s the usefulness of getting married again.

I’m telling you more than half of the men do this because they will see no need of getting married again, you will only remain in a girlfriend level even in the next 8-9years without upgrading.

4. Turning down proposal: Women have a season for everything unlike men that can marry at any time they want.  Being faithful in your relationship does not mean that you should turn down proposals and also push away friends.

Keep them around as friends because one day, you might need them and if you kept them, you may have where to fall back at, for comfort when you are heartbroken by this perfect brother.

When to break up:

1. It’s against your faith: If your relationship is not in line with what you believe in anymore, or maybe is bringing a question mark to your faith, then it’s time to quit such a relationship it is not for you.

Someone who loves you with all his heart, spirit, soul, and body will not ask you to go against your faith just for the relationship to survive.

2. You have a different interest: Compatibility is a necessity before marriage. Before you take your relationship to the next level, make sure that you and your partner are on the same book.

Don’t be so happy that you don’t have time to think and observe the difference between you two while dating.

3. Is abusive: You are a Christian good, but that does not mean that you should remain there even after you have been abused more than once just because you don’t want your members to see you as a bad person from there you decided to sit down and endure the relationship or marriage just to look good in their eyes.

Permit me to ask, for how long will you continue in this pretends?? Is it until you are killed??

As a Christian, you are still human, you have feelings, you know when it hurts and when it doesn’t, therefore you should also know when to quit and when not to quit.

Let people talk because they will always talk. That’s what makes everyone human.

4. You remain the same: A good relationship is a relationship that comes with a positive impact to change you. Therefore if you are in a Christian relationship yet nothing positive has taken place in your life either by the ways of your thinking or the way you act, then quit that relationship.

5. He or she is not serious with life: If you are with someone that is not serious about anything in life including the things that have to do with him or her, what makes you think that he will care about whatever you have to say or you have to offer.

Don’t waste your time trying to fix what can’t be fixed because, at the end of it, you will realize that you have been wasting your time all this while.

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