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3 Chinese Sugar Mummy Living in Malaysia Needs Love

A Chinese based sugar mummy living in Malaysia needs love- johor is a small state in Malaysia saturated with few Chinese women. Here we have Chen who happens to be a Chinese woman living in johor, Malaysia. Chen Is 45 years old Chinese sugar mummy living in Malaysia with her two kids. She is a divorced sugar mummy. Her divorce is close to 8 years now and she feels this is the right time to move on. Chen works for the Chinese embassy in Malaysia and she is wealthy enough to take good care of her sugar baby. She says money isn’t her issue only if she finds a trusted man for a good relationship. In her words “I have been alone for long and I am willing to do anything to keep any man who will love and care for me and my little kids”.

General information:

My name is chen. I am a Chinese national and I base in Malaysia. I am a single mother of two kids. I work for the Chinese embassy here in Malaysia. I am very stable and I work towards taking good care of my kids and little family. I have three houses and a small company here in Malaysia and also I have investments in china farming businesses. You need not be told that I am a busy type of person with lots of activities to attend to.

Chinese sugar mummy

Personal description:

I am 45 years old but still look young and beautiful. I am tall and light skin with crazy curves and hottie legs.  I love looking smart and active and enjoy playing most times with my kids. I take them to work sometimes because I can’t set my eyes of them. Lol… I enjoy taking sea foods such as crabs and fish. I take red wine a lot and do not smoke.  I don’t like the smell of smoke! I enjoy having conversations with people as well and really don’t like petty or Nagy people.


I am interested in a well behaved and discipline man who is willing to see me as his wife and my kids as his first children. He must be a single man with no kids. He must be honest, bold and always ready to stand for the family at all times.

You are expected to stick by our rules of engagement and never contact any sugar mummy agent seeking for financial commitment from you. For there are no trusted sugar mummy agent or establishment out there. Sugar mums and daddies are all over the world and if you comment with your details you can get connected to any.

Second chinese sugar mummy seeking for love

chinese sugar mummy

A Chinese sugar mummy known as Anabel Wang is seriously looking for a lover. This 45 year’s Chinese old woman is a professional baker in china. She is known for her generosity and peace loving character. Anabel Wang is a mother of 4 kids and she recently lost her husband to an auto accident at his work place 8 years ago. Since then Anabel has been working tirelessly to take good care of her children and have been able to accomplish having her kids grow up till the college level.

Anabel is seeking for a lover who will take good care of her children. She needs a dad for the children. A man who will install moral values and complete the home for the kids.

Aside been a professional baker, Anabel also owns a small school where she teaches young students about catering, beautification and tailoring. If you are interested in dating Anabel you can drop us a comment for her contact.

Third Chinese sugar mummy seeking for love

chinese sugar mummy

A 42 years old sugar mummy from china known as Celine hang is seriously looking for a lover man. This sugar mummy is a single business woman in china making lots of money from Forex and eCommerce. She owns a popular eCommerce store in china and Malaysia where she makes a lot of money and her popularity from. This sugar mummy is willing to start up a relationship with any man who is honest and willing to marry and take good care of her. Since she has no kids the man must be willing to have kids with her as well. If you are willing to move down to Malaysia to meet with this Chinese sugar mummy then leave a comment below about your interest and we will contact her for you.

Please ensure to:

  1. Drop your details in an easy to understand manner for easy contact
  2. Use your whatsapp details so she/he can view your whatsapp display picture
  3. Get registered on our platform.
  4. Please understand that we only request for sugar mummies and do not influence who she decides to accept.
  5. Keep trying and you will be favored someday

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