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  • Breaking Up With Your Partner

    How To Remain Nice While Breaking Up With Your Partner

    Breaking up with your partner might be only available solution to end that relationship. The truth is that most people do not find break up as a possible positive solution to a toxic or tiring relationship. This can be because they are so much in love with each other, but issues keep coming from nowhere […] More

  • Important Things Needed in A Relationship

    7 Key Most Important Things Needed in A Relationship

    Keeping in mind the most important things needed in a relationship will help your relationship sail higher, top notch, unbreakable, ever loving, satisfying and happy. Most people dream of beautiful relationships but have never been in one, or haven’t been able to manage and nurture theirs to become beautiful. However, there are some important key […] More

  • dating image

    Is He the One For You? QUIZ

    Are you in a relationship with a guy, or you are thinking of going into a relationship with a guy but you aren’t sure if he is the best and suitable guy for you? Take this “Is he the one for you?” quiz to help you make that right decision and lead you to the right path. […] More

  • dating on facebook

    Dating On Facebook | 9 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Today

    Facebook as a social network has become the center and starting point of local and foreign relationships for virtually everyone. As of June 2019, Facebook recorded over 1.59billion active users 55.6 percent of which are female and 44.4 percent of which are male. With this population of users, Facebook can be easily said to be […] More

  • Girl Friend Guide to Divorce

    Girl Friend Guide to Divorce – Follow the Rules

    Girl Friend Guide to Divorce – Relationships are meant to last long and expected to last forever, lovers strive hard to set the ball rolling and ensure the relationship if filled with lots of beautiful and memorable moments but: What if it doesn’t go well? What if things doesn’t turn out to be the way […] More