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  • Second chance relationship advice

    Second chance relationship advice

    Second chance relationship advice – One thing about a relationship is that a relationship is like being appointed to take over a certain position in someone’s life either a temporary or permanent position while a second chance relationship is like you being given a temporary position to hold. Now, why am I using this kind […] More

  • How To Build a Strong Relationship With God

    How To Build a Strong Relationship With God

     How To Build a Strong Relationship With God 1. Love His Prophet: How can you love the Lord if you don’t love nor believe in His prophet in which he sent to preach the Gospel which is the word of God to us all, so that we may be safe. “So they rose early in […] More

  • Christian Relationship Advice and When to Break Up

    Christian Relationship Advice and When to Break Up

    Christian relationship advice – As a Christian, ensure that before you venture into any kind of relationship with the opposite sex that you made God be the foundation of that relationship before you even start. There are so many advantages in making God be the foundation on which you established the relationship on and one […] More

  • Steps To Attract A Man To Like You

    Steps To Attract A Man To Like You

    Finding a good man is not that hard but it is very hard when you yourself don’t know or have idea on the things you have or on what you can do to get what you want nor attract a man. Before you start looking for a man, try and discover who you are and […] More

  • distance relationship tips

    Long Distance relationship tips – Save Your Relationship Now

    Long Distance relationship tips – In a relationship there is no distance, therefore physical distance means nothing in a relationship if there is a means of communication and it is done frequently, then a distance relationship will have no negative effect on your relationship. A long-distance relationship is a relationship whereby the two individuals involved […] More

  • ways you can seduce a man

    10 Ways You Can Seduce A Man And Make Him Desire You

    Love is a beautiful thing and marriage is incredible but you can’t have an incredible beautiful relationship or marriage if you don’t learn how to seduce a man. Few weeks ago, I wrote an article on HOW TO SPICE UP YOUR MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP and within the article I included that one of the ways to spice […] More

  • Important Questions to Ask On Your First Date

    5 Important Questions to Ask On Your First Date

    There are certain important questions to ask on a first date which will send the right signals down to your aspiring partner. This questions are very important and they tend to form the basic structure of who you are and what you want from the aspiring relationship. if you are reading this, I can easily […] More

  • Breaking Up With Your Partner

    How To Remain Nice While Breaking Up With Your Partner

    Breaking up with your partner might be only available solution to end that relationship. The truth is that most people do not find break up as a possible positive solution to a toxic or tiring relationship. This can be because they are so much in love with each other, but issues keep coming from nowhere […] More

  • Important Things Needed in A Relationship

    7 Key Most Important Things Needed in A Relationship

    Keeping in mind the most important things needed in a relationship will help your relationship sail higher, top notch, unbreakable, ever loving, satisfying and happy. Most people dream of beautiful relationships but have never been in one, or haven’t been able to manage and nurture theirs to become beautiful. However, there are some important key […] More

  • dating image

    Is He the One For You? QUIZ

    Are you in a relationship with a guy, or you are thinking of going into a relationship with a guy but you aren’t sure if he is the best and suitable guy for you? Take this “Is he the one for you?” quiz to help you make that right decision and lead you to the right path. […] More

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