Best dating rules you must try to follow for your relationship to work

Sometimes ago, dating used to be the most simple step in a relationship before marriage but as of today, it is more complicated than usual because of the dos and the don’ts rules you have to follow if you want that relationship to have a future.

Dating is a step in which two individual decides to take in other to begin a journey in a romantic relationship that may result in marriage.

Dating does not mean marriage so which means that you dating does not mean that you are married. Before anything else, it is always better to have that in mind in anything you do or in any action you want to take.

Best dating rules you must try to follow for your relationship to work
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Now what are some of those dating rules you must try to follow if you really want it to work out just fine:

1. Don’t Be So Demanding: A relationship is not a job opportunity or a jackpot so as a lady, don’t use it as a source to your financial freedom. A lady who is too demanding do not end up marrying someone that they love, because the love means nothing to them like the money is.

Get something doing or get a skill it will help you to be independent and also help you regain your respect.

2. Take your Exes off the book: My Exe used to get me this, my ex liked it that way, wow that’s my ex color too, my ex used to call me that name, my ex this and that etc. My brother or Sister, permit me to tell you this, no one is interested in all that about your ex and perhaps that’s not what is important to your partner at that stage. What matters is how the relationship will work not what you had.

3. Don’t be so straight forward: when you are too straight forward, you are likely to be boring, because a straight forward life gives no room for fun, play and exploration.

4. Appreciate each other: Learn how to use sweet words with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, it is not a taboo to tell him or her “I’m proud to have you in my life” with you I feel complete, etc. Appreciate also in the form of clothing, physical appearance, a particular service rendered.

5. Don’t turn off communication even for a day: Communication is something you shouldn’t take lightly in life. Communication has the power to make and the power to destroy anyone’s relationship or marriage.

It stands as a security guard to every living being heart. How do I mean? Know this, it is only when you communicate with someone be it a kid or an adult that you will get to know what troubles them. Same goes with relationship.

If you don’t communicate or check on each other in a day or two, it starts creating distances between you two. And when there is a distance in a relationship, it is 88% to fail. So cover the spaces before it gets out of control.

6. Give a little space: Space in this aspect do not mean do not talk with your partner, it means give your partner his or her life back, let him or her sit out with friends, colleagues, etc. at times with that it won’t seem as a case or bondage.

Let your partner love you and respect you not love you and fear you. With this, there will be no room for fakeness why? Because he or she isn’t feeling cased.

Perhaps, a relationship is not a do or die affairs so give her the freedom she deserves.

7.  Don’t be perfect: No one is above mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. But when it comes to dating or marriage, you don’t wait to make mistake before you can accept that you are wrong and not perfect.

If you are a perfect being, you will soon scatter your relationship because of perfection.

Relationship is all about two imperfect individual coming together to form a perfect union. So work on your relationship, don’t find it hard to melt so as to say sorry please forgive me even when deep inside your heart you know that you are not wrong to your partner and leave perfection for now.

8. Frequent sex: sex is beautiful and it helps you get so connected intimately but it does not mean the sureness of love. Sex can be gotten from anyone or anywhere for free or with money.

Therefore if you and your partner are attached to this act, then do it because you feel like having it with him or her not because you want to use it and show her or him that you truly love them.

If Sex was a sign of love, it simply means that all the men that go to the club houses, bars, etc. just to have sex love the strippers they sleep with.

It is for a stress relief, if you are okay with it fine, but if you are not, flirt from it until it’s time.

9. Don’t be so authoritative: is good and sweet to be in charge but it doesn’t mean all the time. Give your partner chance and space to express what and how they feel at times so that the relationship can grow. Give him or her the freedom of speech to be able to relate with you on all topics and in all that troubles her or him.

10. Take care of something’s yourself: As a man, she loves you so much that she cooks for you, wash for you, sweep for you, run errand for you, etc. while you are just dating, don’t take advantage of that. Wash your clothes and cook your food sometimes.

Surprise her with an invite for a special dinner specially prepared by you in your house. It helps boost your intimacy even without going to the bed room.

11. Be original: Let me tell you this “Anything you fake or lie to get, you must fake or lie to finish it to the end”. Therefore if you cannot continue this game to the end, why starting it.

It is better a man or woman accepts to date you or marriage you just the way you are than dating you base on what you told her or him. Because when the truth finally reveal, it will take a lot before you can gather back your broken relationship and that’s only if the will be a room for another chance.

12. Introduction: Don’t introduce her or him to your friends, family or relative. If you both are still trying to work things out. Introduction serves as a sign of seriously and it comes with a lot of responsibility. So please don’t do introduction if you are not sure that your partner is ready for commitment because after introduction, you will lose your relationship especially if he or she wasn’t ready to be committed in the relationship.

13. Be a Team: If you cannot flow as a team in a dating stage, it will be hard to flow when you finally choose to get married. Being a team player will help you both to grow together both emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally and otherwise.

14. Giving: It is better to be a giver than to be a receiver. Sitting down to always be the one to receive at all times is not a good step especially if you are with a man or woman who is a cheerful giver.

As a lady, note this, men feel special and important to ladies who get things for them just as they get for you also, even if it’s sold for a lowest price. Make it a 50/50 or 60/40% deal.

You may be saying I don’t or I can’t spend my money on a man, okay good but what about the money he gives to you to get some clothes, make your hair etc.? Removing 10-15% of that money to get him a boxer, shirt, pants, stockings, handkerchief, perfume, etc. is not a bad idea. Love is a reciprocal so make this also to be a sign of love.

15. be best of friends: it is always said “Marrying your best friend is the best step you can ever take in your marriage”. This quote doesn’t mean that you have to choose your best child hood friend and marry but instead it means make whoever you want to be with to be familiar enough with everything going on in your life.

Let him or her come into your good and bad side of your life, with this, it will also help you to know who is for you and who is against you. Then making it easy for you to choose your life partner when the time is due.


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