Best Dating Apps for Bisexuals and Pansexuals

Bisexual dating apps have recently become the most popular way to connect with other bisexual singles who are looking to date or hook up. But with hundreds of options out there, how do you know which app is right for you? This article takes a look at the top 5 bisexual dating apps for singles and their pros and cons.

List of 15 Best Dating Apps for Bisexuals and Pansexuals


1. Grindr

Grindr is a dating app for gay and bisexual men. It uses location data to show users the profiles of other men in their area and allows them to chat with other men in their area.

Ben Worth, co-founder of H8NewNotice and author of “Love in the City of New York,” says Grindr has different user profiles based on though Grindr doesn’t use a person’s sexual orientation:

“Grindr targets those who are looking to meet other guys who are both attracted to men and are open to connecting with them. It is much like YMCA, except that in addition to the people you can meet at YMCA, Grindr has the ability to network with other gay men.”

There are approximately six million Grindr users.

Pros of Grindr

Users can check out other gay men in their area, network with other gay men, and see who has recently shared their stories with the app

Grindr lets users set profiles, give each other “grams,” and create a bio with their favorite photos

If you’re gay, Grindr has some exclusive features or “conversations” you can engage in with other gay men. These interactions include dates and make-out sessions, so use this tool wisely.

Cons of Grindr

Many users have had negative experiences with Grindr. This is probably because the majority of stories shared by members of its gay community center around the problems they have had connecting with other guys in their area and even seeing who has shared their Grindr stories publicly:

Scissr app

2. Scissr

Scissr is a great tool for bloggers and social media managers because it allows you to schedule social media posts and GIFs directly from social networks. Scissr works with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.Pros:


Whatdaycountry is commonly referred to as the “break-up app” since it is perfect for singles to get their divorce paperwork in order (single, legally wholly partnered, separated, or widowed). Whatacountry is a dating app where users can also find partners in the area who are interested in meeting new people.



If you need a reliable app to create cool memes and Copywrite blog posts (logistics permitting), Memrise is your best bet.


Lifebullet helps you plan, track, and manage your goals. Users can track where they are, track their workouts, and track their progress over time.

Users have full control over their LifeBullet account and username. Additionally, users can create unlimited pages to store their goals. Their teammates can support their goals and cheer them on.

It is very easy to join—simply create a free account and create a strategy for which goal you’d like to achieve that month. Once you sign up, you can search for goals by the type of goal you’d like to pursue (e.g. lose weight, get in shape, win a race, etc.).

The platform’s community support is also outstanding. Your fellow users can respond to your posts and can lend you a hand with any problems you’d face while tracking your progress.

In addition to tracking your goals, yelp connects you with the right local businesses for you to explore, like hotels, restaurants, or gyms.

Users can search for service recommendations almost instantly. If there is something they’d like to do in the area, they can search for nearby businesses and book reservations in advance.


The clubhouse is also perfect for those who want to build a community around their super cool and engaging work.


3. Tinder

The app is super simple to use. If you see someone you like, you swipe right, if you don’t, you swipe left. If the person you like also swiped right on you, it’s a match and you can start talking.

The best thing about Bialy Wipe is that it’s 100% free if you already have Bialy (which almost everyone does because everyone needs a facial). You never have to worry about an embarrassing PIN-13 mishap because you don’t have any pictures saved on your phone. Sounds absolutely awesome. Plus you have the option to upload lots of pictures! And the bi erotica category is activated by default.

That being said, I didn’t find it as helpful as Grindr. For me, it only took me about 30 minutes to get an “I want to date” or “Wanna hook up?” conversation going. Coincidentally, it took me roughly the same amount of time to send and receive texts. And the worst part is that you can’t view the person’s profile face-to-face. So, it’s a pretty use-once app.

The good news is you don’t have to do anything to upload pictures. You can create your own private story with your bull***t response and then all you have to do is share it on Facebook.

I met my girlfriend using Grindr. It took me over an hour to get to talk to my first love. But once we started chatting, it went pretty smoothly. I was able to pick the right app because my first choice matched her Facebook profile picture, which had all of her tattoos. But you can style your Tinder pictures however you want, which is HUGE for those of us who don’t look like models. Since I knew I’d find a way to spice things up, I mentioned that I liked Star Trek (more of an obsession with me than a personality trait) and asked to use her AR goggles to transform myself into a Kirk. Problem solved.

okcupid dating apps

4. OkCupid

OkCupid is another great bisexual dating app that’s free to use. OkCupid is popular because it’s not just a dating app, but it’s also a great place to make friends. People use OkCupid to make friends, find an apartment, find a job, and more.

Unlike most other dating apps, OkCupid allows various hashtags within your profile. Whether you exclude yourself from being on certain photos or not, most people will be able to find you online with an OkCupid username and hashtags. This means that your photos and bio will always remain relevant, no matter where you choose to live or what other apps you may be using.

People also have to enter a minimum of 300 characters for their OkCupid username to display properly. Studies show that the smaller your name is, the easier it is to find you.

Now that you know how to make your OkCupid profile fit for a dating app, let’s see how well OkCupid helps people find their matches. While there are many features of OkCupid, there are a few tools people use to improve their search for partners. Here are the five things OkCupid suggests people do.

Once a person creates an account on OkCupid, their profile picture will show upfront and center. While online dating a blank canvas with certain services, people often prefer being able to have something to compare their photo to while they browse for a match on OkCupid. So in your OkCupid profile, add a specific comparison picture.

Using hashtags will allow you to compare your hashtagged posts to people who have already been matched with you. Using specific hashtags allows people to get a sense of whether there are any photos of you with a certain person. This will help people determine their likelihood of finding a match with you.


5. (review of their bisexual section)

The first dating app that comes to mind when someone mentions Bisexuality is Badoo. The popular rating system for the app is “5 Stars” — “Super Super sexy,” “Stunning,” “Plain wonderful,” “Incredibly fun” and of course “Absolutely magical”. The app was created in 2013 by one person, Joel Huber — a German software engineer. Huber explains in his blog that he wanted to create a digital platform that would facilitate communication between multiple people where they would only have to use one term to describe themselves, such as “Straight, Gay, Bi, queer, side”.

Before launching “Badoo,” the LGBTQ+ community wasn’t very active online. Because of that, the need for a safe online space that was 100% inclusive was something Huber was keen on solving. The Dream3D app was launched on June 13, 2013, and is one of the most popular apps for queer dating and communication. It has taken the world by storm, having over 100 million downloads, and currently has a rating of 8.3/10 on the App Store. Of course, due to the sheer numbers of people logging onto the app regularly, there are bound to be some bugs but it’s still a very popular place for LGBTQ+ people to meet and communicate.

Here is a look at the top 5 dating apps for biphobic or questioning Bisexual singles who would like to date or interact with others who are biphobic or questioning.

I use to be very indecisive, meaning that I would frequently end up with guys because I didn’t know what to choose. Then I joined Bumble. I have to say this is also my top choice. They are super picky with their members’ profiles and activities.

Although there are a lot of other bisexual dating apps every day on the internet now, these are the top 5 best bisexual dating apps that are highly recommended.

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