Best Christian Dating Apps and Sites

Best Christian Dating Apps and Sites – It’s getting easier and easier to find a date and connect with people online. And if you’re a Christian, it can be helpful to have an app that matches you with like-minded people. But there are so many to choose from! How can you possibly know which is best for your needs? We’ve researched for you! In this article, we’re taking a look at six different options on some Christian dating apps sites for you, which includes 

  • OurTime 
  • Spark.
  • JDate
  • Faitheist 
  • Yoke 
  •  eHarmony, etc. 

1. OurTime – Christian Dating Apps

OurTime is a dating app for people over 50. OurTime is the fastest-growing dating network in the world because we’re not just a dating app, we’re a community. features forums, blogs, photo galleries, live chat, and more.

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We’re not just a dating app, we’re a social network for over 50! With up to 700,000 people from all walks of life connecting on OurTime, it’s the closest thing to being a social butterfly on the internet.

People love chatting with others over their 50s because they like other older people. Sure, we tend to be a bit older ourselves and usually have a bit more gray in our hair, but the desire is always there to be affirmed, to have our needs met, and to learn new things.

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit older, but I find it comforting when there is someone a bit younger and a bit healthier than me. If I don’t find a match right away, I appreciate the ease and comfort of not being pressured into anything I don’t want to do.

The beauty of a member-based community is that we can focus on what we want, rather than being held to a certain mold. They have lots of options for what you can and can’t talk about, so you can relax knowing that you won’t be judged for what you talk about.

The biggest problem with dating alone is that you never know who you might meet. So, it’s important to take the time to build a community around you. Make a profile and ask for people to send you messages and have a conversation with. This forces you to take the time to truly find someone. Who are they? What do they do for a living? And hopefully, feel more confident in who you’re looking for.

JDate is another dating app for singles over 40. They’re very popular because of their flexibility.

2. Spark – Christian Dating Apps

Spark is an app that makes it easy to create short videos. With Spark, you can easily create video stories without having to worry about editing or finding the right music. It’s also easy to use for making videos with friends and family.

Whether you have a normal smartphone or one that’s set up for viewing on a tablet, you can take photos, record a voice memo with your tablet and extract your text notes from your phone. A lot of options are available here, so be sure to dive into this app to see which you like best.

Faitheist matches you with like-minded people based on your similarity in your personality, interests, and values. Unlike other online dating platforms, Faitheist puts the power of matching in the hands of the user. All you have to do is answer a few questions about yourself and indicate what type of person you are and you’re in business!

Great for meeting people who share a common interest? Ok, let’s see what else is here:

Believe it or not, JDate allows couples to meet and chat before going on a date.

Interesting, right? Whatever the three words, You, Me, and J seem to be great for!

They also have integration with Instant Messenger and Facebook Chat to ensure you both have a safe space to talk before the date even happens.

This app is focused on not only finding romantic relationships but also helps singles increase their self-esteem. So it’s perfect for anyone who wants to feel more confident, secure, and loved no matter what.

If you like dating apps but find the process of actually finding a match a little cumbersome, OurTime is here for you. Through this app, you can get matched up with a user who also has used the app. This ensures compatibility and the app is highly rated.

As you can see, there are several apps to consider for dating using your smartphone.

3. JDate – Christian Dating Apps

There are a lot of different dating sites out there, but if you’re Jewish, JDate is a great place to start. JDate was one of the first dating sites out there, and it’s still one of the most popular. Who: JDate is for singles of Jewish descent (you must be Jewish by religion to join JDate). You can be single, married, in a serious relationship, or any combination.

Why you should join JDate: Jews are highly selected for being better dating candidates in the eyes of the Jewish community. From JDate:

“There is no other Jewish community like it. Dating in the Jewish tradition is more meaningful and fulfilling than dating in any other tradition. JDate is Jewish for a reason!”

When you join JDate, you create a profile. You can put a photo and write about yourself so that other people can see who you are. It can be pretty straightforward, but you may want to explain why you’re on the app. People will mostly just look at your profile, so make sure your presentation is objective and professional.

JDate prefers that you use an analog form of your profile, probably in a text format. You can also write your bio in full-length, but it would be better not to overdo it. Your bio could set the tone for the entire profile, so write a text that gives the reader a sense of who you are.

Your profile will have a picture, and you’ll usually need at least two pictures. You may also choose to include a video of yourself or someone you know. But unless it’s a family situation, your video or picture should be relatively new! JDate doesn’t allow pictures of tattoos, face coverings, or gravity-defying outfits. JDate also doesn’t allow images of people who are obviously or virtually pregnant. Each of your pictures should be of you from three to six feet away. Heavy makeup, logos, and other embarrassing imagery should be kept off your pictures.

4. Faitheist

I am a faitheist. I believe religion can be a force for good, and that faith institutions can be sanctuaries for the vulnerable, and that faith leaders can be moral guides, and that faith communities can be repositories of civic virtue. But I don’t believe in God, and I don’t believe in religion. I’m clear about that, and I think it makes shopping for dating partners a bit easier.

 I don’t ever bark at dogs on dating apps, so it’s convenient for me that dating apps don’t include a God option anymore. I’ve found dating apps from a variety of faith traditions, and in some ways, they don’t divide people along denominational lines. (I’m not even sure if we should still include “Christian” in this mix!).

 There are many dating websites and that includes Christian dating apps site for everyone out there, dating apps you can use if you’re a member of a faith community but are not a member in good standing of the religious one (for example, the Jehovah’s Witness faith organization), and other faith traditions that practice nontheism.

It’s helpful to use “a dating site developed by a particular faith organization” in an introduction section of an article, but keep in mind how the article is being received by the readership you’re targeting. Some religious organizations’ leaders may oppose certain dating apps and apps from using their names.

 For example, while has a positive reputation among people who attend JW congregations, the religious group code of conduct discourages dating apps from using the name of another faith. 

5 Yoke:

Yoke is more popular with US mainstream Protestant denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention and more recently, the Union for Christian Union. 

However, US mainline Protestant denominations, like the United Methodist Church and the Catholic Church have also either formed their Christian dating apps sites or they have advertising policies that forbid using ads that “promote improper sexual behavior”. Yoke is marketing itself as “A Promising New Technology for Christ-Humankind”, and it was explicitly created to provide singles a friendly Christian environment for dating.

6 eHarmony

It’s no secret that online dating has become the norm for people looking to find love. It’s also no secret that finding love online can be a difficult task. That’s where eHarmony comes in. eHarmony has helped thousands of people find love online and their success has led to a solid, loyal following. I’ve connected with several members, who say that eHarmony is the catalyst that made them realize that they don’t want to begin a relationship with someone who isn’t compatible.

eHarmony emphasizes compatibility, giving people a list of requirements that they must fulfill to be considered for an invitation. For example, you’ll need to have a compatible level of income, be in a committed relationship, share the same religious beliefs, have a similar academic record, and meet certain political opinions. You might also disagree on certain points, but once you meet at your compatibility level, you can begin communication.

While this approach to online dating is effective, you need more than compatibility. It’s important to look for someone who will complement you. If you’re in a relationship and someone you date has a different relationship status from you, it may not be a good match.

eHarmony goes one step further and looks for someone who will complement rather than conflict with you. There’s a lot of conflict in online dating right now, which can lead to people being turned off or kicked off a dating app altogether. They’re looking to avoid that by finding someone who will compliment what they already have going on. This requires a bit of faithfulness that I feel is necessary to truly find a compatible match.

An important thing to note is that you don’t want someone who easily spills their drinks, messes up their hair, and is always late— without the ability to hold a consistent schedule. You also need someone flexible with their schedule because that’s something that not everyone has.


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