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A sugar momma from Gauteng urgently seeks for your phone number to start with. She claims to have being into several love affairs but none worked out good well for her. Although things have been tough for her recently and she is finding it difficult to make the right choice. She is working hard in making the right choice of man from this community.

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sugar momma
sugar momma in gauteng

General information

My name is Larne, I live in Gauteng South Africa and I am born into the family of Mombasa. I am 45 years old mum of 2 children and I love them so much. I lost my husband when I was 40 years in an air crash, since then I haven’t been able to start a new relationship with a new man. I have been focused on bringing up my kids in the right way. I am seeking for a man because I need someone to bring back my love life ones again. That is why i contacted this community as a sugar momma

Personal description

I am a tall and beautiful lady with a nice smile. I am always looking happy no matter the condition I find myself. I try as much as possible not to let it affect my look. I love to dress neat and like been on more modest cloths that makes me look official. I am a graduate and I work for a bank here in Gauteng. I spend little time with my kids due to the nature of my job but I always ensure my eyes are on their activities. I am working towards starting up a small company with my savings here in Gauteng and I need a man to partner with. He will also be a support to my kids as well.


I need a loving and caring man who will be part of my new company and also will be willing to partner with me in taking care of my kids. He should be a handsome and intelligent man with a strong educational background. He should have a commanding spirit and always ready to make things out for me.

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